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Enraged, Topanga goes down to Demolition to tell the owners that Aubrey scammed her daughter and husband into buying extravagant items. The cashier, Aubrey, manipulates the two girls into giving away all their clothes. Fishel also reprised her role as Topanga in all 72 episodes of Girl Meets World.

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Additionally, Disney Channel calls the episode "Girl Meets What the What" to tie into the programming event, but the series' writers and other sources refer to it as "Girl Meets Demolition". The Worlld turn out to be Aubrey's parents, who are delighted that she scammed someone into giving her money. While this is all impressive, there was one flaw in the plan to reboot Boy Meets World — going against the natural tendency for followup series to draw an older average audience as they attract viewers of the original who have aged. Ridgeway went on to earn her Master's in Counseling at the University of Redlands. Later, Minkus made his return.

Episode girl World meets full

Fans of the show immediately picked up that Lindsay Ridgeway was not Lily Gibson and there is still no explanation for the switcharoo. The owners turn out to be Aubrey's parents, who are delighted that she scammed someone into giving her money. Eric Will Friedle and Mr. Randle played Mrs.

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