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On top of that, Harry was only seventeen and Caroline was 32 at that time, so the press had a field day Wno that aspect. So why did they break up? It actually wasn't the age difference like you might suspect. Everyone and their grandparents were already talking about these two as individual entities, so when they were spotted together, the media could not get enough of it.

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There were several reports about them exclusively hanging out hoik something else vaguely worded. One "inside source" even claimed that Harry was "chasing her nonstop," but the two never copped to having an actual relationship. Clearly the two never had "boyfriend and girlfriend" titles, but it kind of sucks that tje like me have to wih up their spot kp they were just trying to get it in casually. But on the bright side, they're both gorgeous and famous, so I think they'll be able to survive the gossip. InDaisy's godfather Gavin Rossdale —as in Gwen Stefani's ex— found out that he was actually her biological father.

So that was a pretty shocking revelation that made some headlines, but that is how the world found out about Daisy's existence. But anyway, there was a lot of chatter in about Harry and Daisy being an item since they were spotted and photographed together pretty often. There was even a story going around about Harry also dating Kendall Jenner during the same time period in some sort of love triangle situation.

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She is famous across the pond for being on the British TV show Inbetweeners. Back inHarry Styles said that he "never even dith Emily Atack" which may have been true ths that instance. Or it ard more likely that the heartthrob was being coy in the media since the two were seen together many times. A year later, Emily finally admitted that the two dated and that it was "brief, but fun" - whatever that means. It sounds to me like they might have hooked up once or twice and this girl was looking to capitalize on it and get her come up into another level of fame. Plus there is strong support to believe that Harry and Alexa Chung had some sort of romance going. Alexa Chung and Harry Styles were photographed by the paparazzi hanging out on Valentine's Day of all days.

Well isn't that suspicious?

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