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Flodmonstre VI (2:6)

Signed with current and published Oil on lottery. This time around we can only asscher-cut tours totalling approx ct.

Fra VHF-field-day. Kreds 1: Michael S. Leon B. Flyvestation Skagen, PostboksSkagen 7 Arne H. Drachmansvej 5, Skanderborg EDR's kopitjeneste: Landsforeningens kontor kontortid: EDR Keeteminde EDR er forankret i fortiden. Det har vi hidtil gjort, og det stilles mdestdeer et stigende krav om. Men hvad med det menneskelige element, hvad med foreningens struktur. Det bliver ikke let, man det skal lykkes. Send din egen meddelelse op til 45 karaktererbulletin, kommentarer op til 20 karaktererog faste meddelelser 8 pt. Stations liste. Lagrer modtaget APRS data i op til 40 memory. Indled ning l denne artikel beskrives en simpel manuel antennetuner.

Hvorfor en tuner? Jeg havde besluttet mig til at mdetseder skulle bygges udelukkende af lagervarer eller ting fra Marinettaen. Jeg besluttede derfor at bygge tuneren som et L-led. Hermed kan varierneterets totale selvinduktion varieres fra O til 39 uh ved at indskyde forskellige kondensatorer. Husk, der skal bruges senderkondensatorer her, d. De andre kondensatorer er fisket i Marinettaens tuner Drejekondensatoren Drejekondensatoren skal kunne varieres fra ca. Ved at parallelforbinde de to sektioner fik jeg en variabel kondensator fra pf, men hvad med den sidste 1 n F?

Det viser sig heldigvis, at jeg kun har brug for de ekstra 1 n F samtidigt med, at jeg har brug for varierneterets maksimale selvinduktion. Kernen, jeg har brugt, er en Philips 4C65 med 1 O mm indvendig diameter. Som meter har jeg brugt et vandret panelmeter fra lageret. Jeg havde ikke plads til at anvende meteret fra Marinettaen i den kasse, jeg har bygget tuneren ind i. Den udfylder imidlertid den funktion, den er konstrueret til, og den har ikke kostet mig noget at bygge. Har du sendt din? Den 3. Dette signal bruger jeg som lokaloscillatorsignal til en balanceret blander, hvor jeg blander det med et signal fra signalgeneratoren.

Resultatet af denne blandeproces er, at der ud af blanderen kommer to signalerM Hz hhv. NMT kan som bekendt modtage fra MHz. VCO, prescaler og synthesizerkreds, ud af HF-printet som en samlet enhed. Synthesizeren skal som regel programmeres serielt via tre ledninger.

Til optrimning af FM radioer sladrekasser er dette imidlertid godt nok. Dahl master the great dramatic sceneries with violent waterfalls and dramatic volcanic eruptions; but also a quite down Sex mdesteder kerteminde earth dock plant. Aldershvile Summer flowers and wheat ears on a sill. Signed and dated H. Neergaard Oil on canvas. Signed W. Private collection in Northern Germany. Gammel Folkeskik ved Bondebryllupper i Danmark. An old folk custom at weddings in the countryside. A scene from the Hedebo countryside the way they might have celebrated a wedding 50 years back in time.

Signed and dated J. Exner Oil on canvas. Mr Chr. Burmeister During the Middle Ages, the area was covered with villages. Udviklingen satte dybe spor i mentaliteten hos indbyggerne, og den nye storbyerfaring fandt hurtigt vej til kunstlivet. For dem var det ikke nostalgi, men en del af deres hverdag. Han var virksom fra erne til omkringog i den tid kan vi bl. Birte Stokholm 34 Paul Fischer s Copenhagen At this auction, we focus on art that was created in Copenhagen aroundwhere the city went from being a sleepy and closed-off fortified city, surrounded by embankments, moats and city gates to an open modern metropolis.

Copenhagen Sex mdesteder kerteminde a large population growth during this period and could no longer accommodate all of its inhabitants. In the s, the demolition of Christian IV s old fortifications was completed, thereby paving the way for the expansion of the city and the construction of wide boulevards, squares and green parks, such as H. The development affected the mentality of the inhabitants greatly, and the new metropolitan experience quickly found its way into art as well. The painters did not only find new motifs in the vibrant metropolis - they also attempted, through a whole new artistic idiom, to capture the fleeting moments of life in the city.

Sex mdesteder kerteminde by French art, it was the Danish painter Paul Fischer who most clearly focused on the big city and its changes. Over a period of 50 years he depicted the public life in Copenhagen, and today we know that he produced at least works of art. His pictures are from a bygone era and contain an air of romance as a kind of time travel back to a simpler time. That is how his work is looked upon today, but his contemporary Copenhageners had a different opinion. For them it was not nostalgia, but a depiction of their everyday life.

The artist s own family often appeared as models in the paintings. He takes us on a journey back to the old Copenhagen in more than one sense. First and foremost, he shows us everyday life where a large mass of people travels through the city; but in addition to this, his paintings today have a great cultural historic value. He was active from the s until aroundand during that time we can follow the changing fashion and major changes of the city. He paints an almost photographic representation of the places we know. We experience the joy of recognizing a place, or we are astonished at how much the city has changed. He is painting at a time of great transformation, where Copenhagen goes from being provincial to becoming the capital of Denmark!

When he died, the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidendes obituary appropriately stated the following: Copenhagen at the turn of the century was in his pictures - a topography that will increase in interest as each of the city s trademarks from that time disappears - and there was a Copenhagen atmosphere in even his smaller drawings for Christmas cards. Andersens Boulevard in Copenhagen. Signed Paul Fischer. Oil on mahogany. In the background Thorvaldsens Museum. Oil on panel. The King's birthday. Signed and dated Paul Fischer Oil on canvas. Kleis' successor. Mrs E. Helge Carlsen, "Billedmageren Paul Fischer",mentioned p.

On the left near the ladder stands Paul Fischer himself, and in the foreground his wife Musse and their daughter Inge can be seen. The female bystanders are in fashionable clothes. Several of them wearing autumn coats with fur collars and with the characteristic cloche hats pulled down over their ears. The men are elegantly equipped with noble hats. The cap-wearing delivery boys are, of course, also on the move on the King's birthday, and even the smartly dressed guards cannot shake the boys confidence. With a cheeky air about them, they walk on ahead with the guards right behind them.

In a charming way, Paul Fischer thus draws a precise picture of the decade's people and fashion. Even the layout of the streets and the commercial life of the area are carefully conveyed to the viewer. The small street of Integade on the left side with A. Bang's fur house in the corner building is hard to recognize for someone today. The street disappeared inwhen Bremerholm street and the shopping centre Magasin s public square were established here instead. Paul Fischer's painting from the s thus allows a unique look into a no longer existing architectural past.

In spite of changing fashions and the cityscape s mutability, the painter's birthday greeting to the Danish King first and foremost exudes tradition and recognisability with its flowing national flags and the gala-dressed guards marching in honour of the King's birthday. Oil on cardboard. There is a feminine and sweet, but also fragile, air over the elegant young woman, as she sits in the carriage in her beautiful dress and large hat with feathers. By her side sits a bouquet of flowers. Here you can truly talk about a French influence! Paul Fischer took his first trip to Paris inwhere he became acquainted with the artist life of the city and the new painting styles, such as Impressionism.

Many of his Copenhagen pictures especially from the s contain a French touch. In particular, a painter such as Edgar Degas may have inspired him both in terms of the framing of the image and the almost provocative way of bringing the portrayed persons close to the viewer, like the elegant woman in the carriage. A painter such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir must also have inspired and preoccupied Fischer. They both favoured beautiful young girls with vivacity and spontaneity as their subjects. Paul Fischer returned several times to Paris.

The visits, where he became acquainted with French Naturalism, also meant that Paul Fischer chose a brighter palette. An atmosphere of Paris emanates from the scene. Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner's great-grandfather in the early s. The painting has been in the same family's ownership until today across 3 generations and over years. It has therefore never been on the market before. Helge Carlsen, "Billedmageren Paul Fischer"reproduced p. Aarhusd. Asserbo Interior with a young woman sitting next to the garden door. The fishwives at Gammel Strand in Copenhagen are a classic Paul Fischer motif, which has also been used frequently by other Danish painters.

The motif s popularity is no doubt due to the loudmouthed fishwives in the heart of the city being a familiar sight and sound for Copenhageners for centuries. The philologist, Professor N.

Abrahams recounts in his childhood memories the conditions at Gammel Strand around the year The fishwives were certainly noisy and rambunctious. To keep these Amazons in check, there was a pole erected Sex mdesteder kerteminde the pavement near the canal where an iron neck hung from a chain. This was the socalled pillory, and once in a while we had the tragicomic sight of one of these unruly women parading around with the iron around her neck, with a watchman on each side and surrounded by a swarm of shouting and cheering boys. In Paul Fischer s painting from the fishwives appear more peaceful.

Sitting in two long rows on their wooden stools in their characteristic clothing with the white headscarf, they are ready to hand over fish to interested and paying customers. Strand with Nikolaj Church's tower in the background. Signed Ole Ring. Oil on masonite. Signed Chr. Foreningen for National Kunst a label from this exhibition on the back of the frame. Flensburgd. A centenarian. The amateur sailing club's stationed vessel the brig "Hvalfisken" at Langelinie. Signed and dated Vilh. Arnesen Oil on canvas. In it was almost years since "Hvalfisken" the whale fish had been launched in Kalmar - thus being the "centenarian" referred to in the title.

Around"Hvalfisken" became a club ship for the amateur sailing club in Copenhagen, and as such, made only 2 short trips a year - from Nyhavn to Langelinie in the spring and back again in the autumn. In this painting, "Hvalfisken" is at berth at its usual summer location at Langelinie. In the "Hvalfisken" was purchased by the sailor school in Svendborg. The ship was scrapped in years after its creation. Landscape near Lyngby north of Copenhagen. The painting is said to be a study for a work previously in the collection of Alfred Bramsen. Beach with a green shore to the right and a small sailing boat. Four fifths of the picture plane is sky. Piacenzad. Signed S.

Bruzzi in one word. Stefano Bruzzi belonged to the Italian art movement "Macchiaioli", which arose in reaction to the stiffened form and art of the Academy and whose participants were mainly active in Tuscany in the second half of the 19th century. Bruzzi exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.

Mdesteder kerteminde Sex

This painting must be one of these. Grenaad. Fredensborg Sunny winter mdseteder in Norway. Signed and mdestfder P. Langseth mdestedef located c. Copenhagen "David ved Sauls palads". David at the palace of Saul. A nude figure with lanyard, sitting on a blue-green robe. He has a ring around his head and on his left side is a harp on which his hand rests. Signed with monogram and dated Oil on canvas. III,mentioned and reproduced p Provenance: The collection of Consul General C. Chemist F. Kielgast, Kalundborg. Bruun Rasmussen auctionno Private Japanese collection. RING b. Ringd. Roskilde "Roskilde Landevej".

Spring landscape with a country road with an avenue of bare trees leading up to a village. In the foreground telegraph poles. Signed and dated L. Ring Oil on canvas. Presumably H.

Richmondkertteminde. Suite bossy in English art, Fischer has controlled the image so that the previous woman is positioned constantly forte to the whole.

Ring no. Agnes Hertel, her estate auction, Bruun Rasmussen Sexx, no. Roskilde "Vinterlandskab med Sne. En Landevej forbi et Hus midt i Billedet". Winter landscape with snow. A country road kertemknde a kertemlnde in the middle of the picture. Ring, Oil on canvas. Roskilde "Henad aften ved Sex mdesteder kerteminde. Udsigt over havet til bjergene mod syd. Towards evening at Terracina. View eSx the ocean towards the mountains to the south. Women and children on the road carrying water from the fountain. Ring Terracina September Oil on canvas. Ring no Exhibited: Kunstforeningen, "Arbejder af L.

Ring", no. Peter Hertz, "L. Ring ", reproduced p. Paul Hagemann Bruun Rasmussen auctionno. Terracina is located in the Latina province south of Rome. Copenhagen "Kong Salomo og Dronningen af Saba". King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. The young king is sitting on his throne, with his head turned towards the queen, who is sitting on his right side, listening to him. The room is richly decorated with colourful rugs. At the King's feet a golden box with incense. To the right, a table with a bowl of flowers.

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