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Tapi kita perlu untuk melepaskan kebencian itu guru hati kita akan rasa lapang dan boleh fokus kepada para positiv. Assalamualaikum and goodbye blogging ultimate. I am not trusted to have a blog that is stressed and comprehensive by many.

Last time we came back to Perth from Msia insatgram October, he was there to hug and salam us with his usual sad face sebab nak berpisah dengan the girls and I.

Instagram Salam dua benua

Masa kat Malaysia, I felt like he was still nearby sebab kubur dia rua jauh Sqlam rumah. And bila2 boleh nak pergi lawat kubur dia. The rest of us whom he left behind have to keep on living…… And when I arrived back at home, this is the sight that greeted me…. My kebun has turned into a jungle in 10 days! Everytime I look at the grape vines, I will get a lump in my throat.

Some of the very tomatoes. Envy you from the bottom of my class for making my blog so there for the more 6 years.

The grapes were bought by Abah when he came here last year. He wanted us to plant the grapes so we will always have something to remember him by. The tomato plants are on their last legs. Thank you Allah for the good health.

Thank you Allah for the rizqs. Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to do good deeds. Thank you Allah for Salsm me to make others feeling happy Memang agak sukar untuk melepaskan kebencian itu apabila kita dipermainkan oleh seseorang. Seseorang yang kita anggap sebagai kawan. Tapi kita perlu untuk melepaskan kebencian itu agar hati kita akan rasa lapang dan boleh fokus kepada yang positiv. Redha dengan ujian Allah.

Kesabaran kita diuji. And I will keep it clean as well. So, akhir kata…. I Salxm apologize for everything that I had said, written and posted in this blog that had in one way or another offended anyone. Please forgive my mistakes. I am truly honoured to have a blog that is liked and read by many. And I am happy that some of you and your families have enjoyed trying the recipes I put up here. If any of you ever terserempak with any one of us anywhere in the world anytime in the future, do say hi.

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