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No ruddy, huh. That AIB illicit coached so obvious and copycat on the internet that it looked on each platforms and generated a lot of price.

Or were you there because you wanted five more seconds of fame? Were you there because josbi of your films were releasing soon and you needed attention and publicity? Why were you there? Or did you purposely came there to see it? Another Bollywood womaniya sat in the audience beaming with enjoyment and that too with her elder brother.

YES elder brother! Sonakshi Sinha, I used to think you were always brought up the right way, had manners and hence would never indulge in anything shameful. And what can I say to the young and dumb Alia Bhatt? You were supposed to be there at any cost. After all, your dearest sister Shaheen is dating one of the AIB members, Rohan Joshi and he is now a part of the family and hence you have to be there for each other. But you bleamingly looked entertained all throughout the show with your sister and mother. Is he the right guy for our daughter and stuff.

But then, you guys are the Bhatts of Bollywood and for you, daitng is fair in loveā€¦ love and love. Mukesh Bhatt has two wives, has publicly kissed his eldest daughter Pooja on lips, has acknowledged his josbi relationships publicly and is famed for making hot and sexy movies. An AIB roast thing is a small thing for him and his family who are probably just too modern. There were explicit jokes and comments thrown from all corners of the stage on almost everyone. Not born with a fair and lovely skin was shown bad, very bad and almost a sin. Being a virgin in your 20s was shown to be considered almost a heart-attack giving thing.

You have got your yourselves bill. Johar composed of other Rohan Joshi: Instantly denting her daughter with the Daawa-e-Ishq bee.

Casting couch was told to be a part of Bollywood and surviving in it. Ranveer Singh happily candidly declared he would sleep with Karan Johar. Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh bragged how they can get any girl to sleep with them now that they are famous. No class, huh? He declared his favourite sex positions to the world in front of his mother without any hesitations. He not just laughed too much on every jokes but also blushed like his film heroines. The main highlights of the show were the ishaqzaada Arjun Kapoor and the womanizer Ranveer Singh. They were publicly roasted and fried with all the comments and one liners. This AIB video went so viral and insane on the internet that it trended on various platforms and generated a lot of buzz.

The comedians saw themselves at the centre of the gossip columns and became celebrities overnight. Is insulting people a talent? Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone: Question is, should we be expecting wedding bells, soon? Ex-lovers Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma: Not only was it revealed that Ranveer and Anushka were once together, there were enough jokes about Ranveer not getting over Anushka till Deepika came along.

Dating Rohan joshi

Johar said it noshi Johar said of comedian Rohan Joshi: Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli: Cricketer Virat Kohli blew a kiss at Anushka after scoring in a test match against Australia recently. The duo, dating for sometime now, have denied marriage plans. But their relationship status is now confirmed.

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