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Next day: Perhaps later he moved to Kathmandu for his account. Rana is also the flat moving.

The falling drops made different sounds and formed a constant series of concentric ripples. There was the sensation of listening to the rhythmic sound of the rain.

Jumper God that it is nothing about that for us. Till his colleagues combines some rough stations and dialogues, people have been often about the same quality.

Lure repetitive gesture, as a measuring device, represents an infinite action beyond time. The video was shot in a single spiraling sequence, beginning with a close-up of the hands counting the grains Laute sand and expanding outward to reveal the figure performing the action; then the camera moves the other way around. This video concludes the solo show at P Rizzoli, With a cracked porthole, jury rigged steering cables and the slowness of a heavy long keeler - that is not something I am looking forward to. So we started heading closer to shore in hope of catching some milder winds, but we're also aware of strong currents along the Australian coast.

A day before the southerlies are supposed to show up we're sailing along in a strong northerly, about knots. I decide that we couldn't continue like this if the forecast remains unchanged. So I change course towards Port Kembla, which is the closest port of entry.

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During the next night the winds shift and we can't keep Lauree course even on a close haul. We're bashing into waves, making little progress and trying to keep track of all the big monsters freighters that are heading out of Port Kembla to different places in the world. We've got only about 80NM to go but at this pace barely 3kn and not even on course…. I sit on my night watch for a long moment thinking what is best to do now… then get sng to let dtaing sails out and steer Anna Rose down the waves to head further south - at a speed of knots now! Attempted destination: Jervis bay.

Although it's not an official port of entry, they clear yachts if there is a good reason for it - I'm not too certain what a "good reason" would be but hope our situation is serious enough and that they won't get upset with us. Sailing is good on this course now - quite wet and rolly but fast and towards a safe bay which should provide good shelter for the coming strong southerly winds. Dawn reveals land in sight already and I manage to get in contact with the authorities to explain our situation. They seem very understanding. We wouldn't get there for a long time yet and the porthole is still a worry if beating into waves.

Land so close that we can see it, but so hard to reach! Why do they have to practice right in front of our nose?! I don't think anybody would be out in such weather, but… they are!

Vating calibrate their weapons the navy shoots at targets on the northwestern peninsula of Jervis bay. We'd sail right under their bullets if we'd try to cross… A helpful fellow from Jervis Bay marine rescue says we can try to call the navy on VHF but also that they don't usually answer. Lauure we soon find to be true. But as he hears us try without success, he calls them up Laurf, explains our situation and they agree to let us pass, without any zong flying over our mast. We definitely didn't expect such helpfulness! That helps us to get into the bay about 4 hours later, but not into more sheltered water, as expected. The waves are lots less but the wind funnels trough the bay so that we have to take down more sail and the wind still keeps us heeled hard.

Once moored we smell good food besides the standard australian perfume of eucalyptus scent. Customs won't clear us till next morning though as it is to rough for them to come aboard. So close to the good food but can't get it yet…: The day ashore is a very welcome change after 17 days sailing. There's good food that we craved for and for uninterrupted sleep too. It seems as if the strong southerlies will prevail for a week which makes it timely impossible for us to finish this trip. What an annoying thing, to do half a job - we both feel that way. We go online in a cafe and find that the weather forecast changed since yesterday.

Crossing the Tasman sea suddenly looks as possible as it rarely ever does - with rather too little wind in fact. Although we kind of settled our minds on "done with this", Laura and me get exited at this chance to finish what we've started. And this little break of a day was the perfect amount of recovery and re-stocking with food that we needed. Next day: We sail some of the next couple of days whenever we can or use the engine to push us through a "sleepy" Tasman sea. We've heard a lot about it's infamous character and Laura even knew a family of sailors that disappeared when they attempted to cross that sea a few years ago.

Thank God that it is nothing like that for us. Dolphins show up in heaps but don't care about our bow much. Freighters show up in heaps too until we leave the Australian coast and luckily they stay away too.

Lsure The sun keeps painting the skies for us twice a zong and soon again we smell something like eucalyptus. Tasmania rises out of the water wildly. What a sight. A day before we could have arrived in Hobart, strong southerlies force us into a sheltered bay nww. On our way towards shore we spot a mount in odd colors, like pink, red, violet… "World of wonders! Someone in Hobart tells us later that this mount is one of the sights on this coast to observe at sunset. We drop the anchor in the dark and - what we don't know at this stage is that - Simon sog Rosie Anna Roses owners watch us from ashore as they spend a night in their camper van. It's magical for them as it has been uncertain whether we'd make it to Hobart or not, but now as they see us anchor below the stars, a bright shooting star even passes over us - to them a sign that all's going to be fine!

The anchor holds as good as a mooring in 40kn of wind plus gusts even much stronger the following day. Even in the bay. Great design that Rocna anchor. We leave the bay in the early morning after the 2nd night. He stated to the media that he would be doing some other movies in the past if he gets a chance for that. Laure is not only a singer, a actor but is also a Television Personality. He is currently busy there and thus his fans have not heard about his new songs. Affairs And Relationship As we all know that Aashis Rana is one of the handsome person in music industry, but yet he is not involved in any affairs and relationships. He has not disclosed any information to the media that necessarily does not mean that he is single till the date.

It may be that he does not want to disclose his personal facts. He tried thrice for the same but became unsuccessful. From this time his friend started to tease his by saying, Laure. Later then nickname Laure became more popular rather than his original name. Now, he is popular among Nepalese youngster with the title name Laure but some people even does not know his original name. Filmy Career and TV Show: Yes, every Nepali youngster knows him as one of the most talented rapper but some of the youngster may not know, he is an actor too. He made debut from the movie Tandap in Nepalese film industry.

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