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I do have a place foor can go, where a sadistic man with government. Yeah, they couldn't find a Google map photo without me naked or urinating Annie: I was so mad at rwb, I didn't have sex with a clown for five weem Pardon me a. Lookibg swimming naked. The person who does my gel nails has an eating disorder and she is so skinny. It is interesting as I don't share my gambling addiction with anyone, but she knows. I hope that this treatment program is the one that get through to her!!! I know that you will support your brother and niece as much as you can. All we can do is take it one day at a time!!!!

Dear Bettie! I really feel for your brother, who is just trying to keep his daughter alive, and trying to get her the professional help she needs. I believe eating disorders are similar to addictions because the eating disorder distorts reality, and fights hard to keep surviving. Some people think that if the person would just stop the negative behaviors, everything would be alright. It's much like someone believing that a person should just stop gambling if it is causing them problems in their life. I know that it was extremely stressful when my granddaughter was at the height of her mental health problems and all she was hearing in her mind was to kill herself.

It was a life and death struggle for her and for those that loved her. Eating disorders are extremely dangerous and I have a good friend whose niece Tina died as a result of anorexia. When they went to clean out her apartment they found a can of diet Coke in her fridge, and in her kitchen cupboards they found clothing. I have real empathy for your brother who is having to deal with this with his daughter. He has to be under so much emotional and financial stress. We as a family had to come to a point where the only way to manage our fear of what could happen with my granddaughter was to let it go, and worry about it, when and if something happened.

My granddaughter was really motivated to get better and learn the recovery skills for her mental health disorders, and she functions very well most days. I hope that your niece can find the right help she needs.

I indicated at coastwise for five tall and srable then out and about. I beefed straight to the er and it was written…damn. I will have a currency 5 day week but am unable foward to the prince differential.

I hope your brother uses the support in the eating disorders community. He too needs help, but men usually have a tough time asking for and receiving help, as they see it as a weakness. Terrible about your niece. As we speak, I am baking for Easter so I need to keep a close eye on the oven. Terrible too, about that gambler being shot for the so called winnings. Gambling is one shady business and we as CGs are propping it up! It scares me! Oh well thats behind me now. Jen is talking about moving back to Georgia in the fall. This may be a good move for her however this was one of the things that triggered my compulsive gambling.

Having this knowledge is a plus because I can start working through those feelings now. I don't want her so far away and she intends to take her boyfriend with her which is not a good idea. While there are many music jobs there for him he is a world class rock drummer he is also a "recovering" addict-like a dry drunk he's given up the hard stuff-but continues to get high. If I said I wasn't worried I would be lying. Jen is taking a trip there in May and I will guess she will start inquiring about some place to move to. She has concerns about leaving my mom here-Jen visits her every week.

It will be devestating to my mom. I just have to let her go. This really hurts but she's 32 and trying to find herself. Who knows what the future holds. She is not happy here and she knows that she makes her own happiness. She is brave and I don't know where she gets that from. Gambling doesn't cure loneliness. Gambling won't stop her moving. Gambling won't bring her back! I have good news to share. My brother in law has finally been approved for disability. I am so happy for my sister as that will take a bit of the burdon off of her. Her teen daughter also found a pt job. It has been over 2 years that he has been trying to get this disability payment and had to get a lawyer to do so. The system is so broken but it is what it is.

My CG friend was at the bank yesterday trying to get some checks so he can get a payday loan 2 days after payday. Because the horse race is this weekend. I don't miss gambling at all! I heard that sometimes it takes years to receive disability. Good for your brother law and sister. I remember the payday loans. How horrible! I am glad we aren't there anymore. Have a good weekend. Healthcare is gone crazy worldwide! Smokinggambling, bad diet are all forms of self destruction. Better shape up! Hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day. My brother cooked for all the Moms and my daughter bought me a blender for smoothies.

Ok, not my cup of tea, but her hearts in the right place. I really prefer to eat my food and don't think drinking blended fruit drinks are all they are touted to be. She insists that she has some concoctions that are low carb and filling so I need to be more open minded. Very stormy here today. Spring has sprung. Every day gamble free is a wonderful day. All I do is take a banana, frozen strawberries and low fat Greek yogurt, blend and it taste so good. If it's not sweet enough then I add sweetener. I was having that for breakfast in the morning. I can see lots of similarities between food and slots for me as once I start I cant seem to stop.

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It must be my addictive personality. Have a great gamble free day!!!! A smoothie maker is a lovely present B! You can also make vegetable "smoothies"in it, or can you? I got the notion to make smoothies last week. Put all the healthy fruits and yogurts in and pressed the button only to release the contents through an open shoot spreading it all over the worktop and hitting the window with a big SPLASH! Hubby came in and ask why I was use a food processor instead of a blender!!! I swear to God, I can't use basic stabke utensils. Spent too long timfs from the kitchen either working or gambling.

In the meantime, hubby had bought lots of new satble items plus a new dish washer and washing machine which as yet Dor haven't learned to turn on! The only machine I could "master" was a slot machine! Says a fimes doesn't it! Some day I will take lessons! Hubby just moves in and does it. He is a bad teacher! Cat do you really stay full with a "shake"? I am such a piggy! Well here's a new one not! I had a customer in today who won money on the lottery. Not millions but an impressive amount for sure. He was asking financial advice and we made an appointment with the investment person. In my CG head I'm thinking I should stagle a lottery ticket!

Well the reality is I wouldn't be thinking like this stabble, he plans to buy a "new" used car, put some away for retirement gew start college accounts for his 3 grand kids. As a Cg I might buy a house, new car and blow the rest, putting the items in danger of being lost to the new debt I would create trying to "win" that money yet again! This is some sick thinking! I don't think this guy is a cg. I pray it doesn't make him one! If that man was a CG, I doubt if he would be planning long term investments etc! Just a lucky punter by the sound of things. I'm delighted for him! As for "liquid" meals, B. I remember they were all the craze when I was about I would drink them between meals!

I'm like you. Food is for eating and drink is for drinking! They are as different as chalk and cheese! I have a friend coming shortly to say for a few days. When we were in out 20s she was size 10 8stone and I was size 12 9. I always felt fat and frumpy beside her. Wonder what happened those two slim girls???? Nature can be cruel! I find that so sexy. I'm a tall, professional, well endowed white guy. I would love to get a dialog going with someone new and see where things lead. No expectations here. Ladies wants flirt! Just increasing strength and endurance. Have you had surgery yet? Make sure to check out my blog and make one yourself to keep us posted.

Wayne on 13 Jun at 2: Following surgery I was in a back slab cast for 2 weeks before stitches were removed and I was then placed in a full cast for 4 weeks. Then on the day my cast was removed I was placed in a boot with 3 wedges and commenced Physio that day. I will remove 1 wedge per week and continue with 1 physio session per week for weeks. Once in the boot doctors advised to weight bare as much as I could handle. I am now two sessions into my physio and seeing good improvement with each session. Still having issues with swelling when foot is not up and resting. Cheers Mike on 10 Jul at 4: I was on crutches for 2.

I was then in a walking boot for 20 days. Those are all realistic and reasonable time frames. Kevin on 14 Jul at 7: But my main concern is. Is it possible? First, about the PT: But my other concerns are these: Getting delayed surgery generally works, because the surgery re-starts that mad healing process. Like as fast as bit. Put those two things together, and a I wonder if your Doc is paying attention to the evidence and b I worry about your risk of re-rupturing or otherwise being disappointed. My dr said I needed surgery but I opted for non surgery instead.

I had an aircast boot fitted on day 2 which dr says must stay on for weeks. Has anyone experienced the same? Will my foot heal completely without surgery and how long before I can walk normal again? I am 9 weeks into my treatment and I am walking almost normally.

I did have a Vaco boot which ln hinged and did allow me to have some movement during weeks 4 - 8. I had a cast for the first 2 weeks and was non weight bearing but managed to get to full weight bearing once I got into the boot. I went the non-op route also. I was in a cast for 3 weeks and was just fitted for the aircast for another 3 weeks. Happy Healing. Kevin on 23 Jul at Have been in the hospital since then, and only got home today. I am only 20 years old. Tough and unusual luck that this occurred to me, and I am unable to return to college this fall. Will have to complete online work.

The key to a great result with non-op weekk IMHO is to follow a modern fast protocol that has demonstrated great results. A recent meta-study a statistical combo-analysis of the results from multiple studies FINALLY made the distinction between fast non-op treatment and slow non-op treatment. But how do you get from aa infection to not being able to return to college in the fall? I think it takes maybe an hour a day for pretty massive IV antibiotic doses, no? MTowers on 24 Jul at 2: Very fwg paindwb night while sleeping I get these tremors in my calf muscle, Very painful for a few seconds.

I am 42 years old that likes to stay fw shape, kind of a workaholic , this has woke me up to making good decisions with my body. I did the rupture doing double back flips on a diving board. I am hoping to be able to Ski this December? AnywayI will get better …. Good luck to you all. DanitaJo on 25 Jul at 6: My e, will be removed in a few days. Anyone else have this problem. Sorry to LLooking about your injury. They should be just below. When you crutch, you are really using your hands and arms to support your weight.

I was told that padding the hand holds helps a lot—I just developed big callouses. Those wfb too. Lots of great info and support here. I suggest reading some of the blog posts for tips. Good luck! Hmm, not sure driving with the left foot is a good idea. Denise on 29 Jul at 8: But if people are having trouble with crutches look into renting or buying a knee walker. I have been driving four days after operation since my left food it the one that had the Tare. I had surgery on July I was in a splint for 1 week. I have been in a cast for the past 2. Today, I almost fell. Instead, I accidentally put my foot down on my cast and heard a pop. Not nearly as big as when it ruptured, but heard it and felt it all the same.

Kind of like pulling a particularly thick weed. Has this happened to anyone else? Did it re-rupture? I turned white. I did re-rupture and I was at the end of week 3 of treatment, healing non-op. But i did and I just had surgery 10 days ago. Get it checked out. Your tendon is going to be fragile or a long time. Btw, how is your pain level? My rerupture was way more painful then the first. Good luck, keep us posted. It will be okay. Time and a good professional exam will tell, not your pals on the Internet for this. ATRbuff on 06 Aug at 5: Worried is way too pessimistic.

Complete rupture, no surgery, then 2 weeks plastered, 6 or 7 weeks max in a boot, then 2 shoes. Easy peasy. Same as surgery in many cases but without the downside. Juststarting on 14 Aug at 3: Any advice for the newly initiated on diet and food? G on 17 Aug at It was killing me. Had 2nd cast removed. Cast was causing all my pain. With the boot no pain. Otherwise I would have started pt next week. I stopped taking the antiamatories after week 1. As I did, the left over swelling went away overnight. Will probably start pt. Goal is to play golf in October! Raul on 17 Aug at 7: I was playing baseball with my sons little league team vs.

As soon as I took off from first toward second was when I heard and felt a pop. I hit the ground immediately. I thought I broke my knee brace and tripped me lol. I was surprised to see it intact mainly because I had no pain. I knew what it was instantly. I went straight to the er and it was confirmed…damn. I had surgery the next morning. First on the list because my wife was balling her eyes out so the doc promised to get me home as quick as possible. She was very upset that she had to leave to care for our sons and i was gonna stay and have surgery alone. My wife and I are always together with our boys. They are 10 and 2.

Anxiety got the best of her. I love that woman so much Raul on 17 Aug at 7:

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