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Gold Capped: Never scan the Auction House again

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Luckily, there's a way you can get up to date price information without ever having to scan the AH again. There's an app for that The TradeSkillMaster application is something that you install on your PC that does a lot of things. The feature we're interested in is its ability to query Blizzard every hour for Auction House information.

Updating to wowuction windows Tsm

Installing the program is a multi-step process. That said, at the time this was written, the installation instructions on the site itself are a little out of date. You need to do the following: Setting up for gold making There are some activities that are pre-requisites for effective gold making. They are: A dedicated auction house character Tradeskillmaster Dedicated bank alt Your dedicated bank alt is the hub of your gold making empire. Posting all your auctions from the same character ensures you can use the bag space as effectively as possible as well as utilizing your time and mailbox to avoid hassle. Most of my bankers are level 10 as that means they can be restored.

Tradeskillmaster Tradeskillmaster is THE gold making addon. Well, with a little setup and the click of a button, it can disenchant all the greens in your bag. OK, so you actually need to click the button once for every green, but quite frankly, that's a vast improvement on the other options for disenchanting.

TSM Destroying also works for prospecting and milling, but let's have a quick look at ot it up for enchanting. It'll bring up this screen. Wkwuction here that there are two lists on the left side. The updaitng list is of items the Destroyer will wowction, while the bottom list is of upating that are safe from the Destroyer's clutches. This is particularly important with disenchanting; as I'm sure you can imagine, Blizzard's support team has limited patience for "Oh, I clicked the wrong button in my addon. Prospecting and milling have no such setup, as it's nigh impossible to accidentally turn your raiding epics into Carnelian.

Once you're happy, click Display the Destroyer, and this little window will appear. You may need to hunt around for it; its default spawn point is right in the center of your screen -- yes, underneath the main window. Once it's appeared, you need to set your destruction method of choice in the top drop-down menu. Only professions your character already has will be available for selection. At the very least, normal and fast will start the next spell cast immediately when you're done looting even though you initiate the cast earlierbut there is a small window in which it'll actually start casting as the loot window is still open.

Normal tries to guess when this window is, while fast leaves it up to the user to figure it out.

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