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How to drain filter caps in a 72 Fender DR ?

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I did all the tests and it's not my tubes. I need Draim isolate the problem, and I can't get my brain around it. According to Weber, 9 out of 10 times, it's the caps. If I don't have power, how do I test them? A variac, huh? Can anyone direct me to a source specifically for Marshalls.

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I can duplicate what I see. It's just tough for me to translate schematics. And, "NO"! I'm not a Bass player! LOL Help! Click to expand If you have not been trained to work with high voltage then have an amp technician service your amp. Never touch the amplifier chassis with one hand while probing with the other hand because a lethal shock can run between your arms and stop your heart. Use just one hand when working on a powered amp. The above warning is a pretty standard warning for high voltage work. An electrified tube amplifier chassis has many hazards that will bite you if you work on them long enough. Ask any amp tech about his adventures with high voltage and you'll get some interesting stories.

The info on this page is meant as a warning to the many hazards inside a tube amplifier. The power transformer high voltage secondary puts out up to volts AC. The DC power supply can generate up to volts DC. The filter caps can store that volts DC for days at a time, even when the amp is unplugged. Don't forget to unplug the amplifier unless you need it powered. Do as much work as possible with the amp unplugged and the filter caps drained see below. Use one hand to work on a powered amp chassis. Put one hand in your pocket. An amplifier metal chassis is a near perfect ground.

If one hand is touching the chassis when the other hand encounters high voltage the current will travel up your arm and across your chest and can easily stop your heart. Don't hold or touch a guitar either because if it's plugged in to any amp the guitar will be an excellent ground. Use a clip-on ground probe for your multimeter so you can use just one hand to take measurements.

Dating fender amp Drain filter caps

Always be aware of the position of the always rilter power and standby switch terminals. They are often placed near the chassis edge and are easy to make contact with when resting a hand on the chassis. Wear safety glasses when working in an amp chassis. If you short a high voltage component to ground an electrical arc can spew molten metal into your eyes. If you wear prescription glasses or need readers then get some clip on side guards to help protect your eyes.

Consider wearing high voltage protection electrical gloves. I tried a pair of these but they were too iflter for me and made handling the meter probes difficult but if you want rating be as safe as possible these can keep you from getting bit. Just wearing one ajp on your non-dominant hand filtter prevent a hand-to-hand shock that can stop your heart. Wear rubber soled shoes or sneakers when working fenderr an amp to increase the insulation dting your feet and the ground. Remove rings, wristwatches and other jewelry when working on an amp. You don't want your wedding ring to bridge a hot pin to the chassis. Don't assume a circuit breaker will protect you from an amp shock.

Because of the very high voltage in an amp very little current is needed to stop your heart. Just a few milliamps of high voltage DC can do it. Try not to work alone. If an electrical shock incapacitates you having someone available to call can be a lifesaver. When using a multimeter in a hot chassis be very careful not to touch two tube pins with one probe which will short the pins together. Fireworks can ensue. Cover your multimeter probes except the very tip with shrink tubing to prevent accidental contact and shorting. It is often safer and easier to take a reading on the circuit board instead of at the tube socket pin, just follow the wire connected to the pin to the circuit board and measure there.

Stop working when you get tired. It's too easy to make a dangerous mistake when you're fatigued. When you return to your bench after a break always verify the filter caps are discharged.

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