Dating someone with perfectionism

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Don’t Let Perfectionism Get in the Way of a Great Relationship

Perfectionists have access issues. It might find bargain-productive, but if you have the behavior to challenge your own level then do so.

The Bible says humans were born with a flawed human nature Psalm This means that on this side of eternity, perfection is not an option. Jesus is the only guy who lived someoe perfect life, and he had an unfair advantage since he is the Son of God. Perfectionism brings shame, and shame slows your unwanted singleness for a variety of reasons. Shame makes you compromise on your moral convictions because you think you need to compensate to make the opposite sex like you. The perfectionist will also heap shame onto other people. Why does a perfectionist do this? Because when it comes to negative habits, we all treat other people the way we treat ourselves.

Perfectionism Dating someone with

If you treat yourself harshly when you make a mistake, you will treat other people just as badly. All in all, perfectionists have some great qualities that make them super successful in certain areas of life. But most of the time a perfectionist struggles in relationships because of the messes that always happen, especially in romantic relationships. If you're a perfectionistyou may find yourself in either boat, and that's OK! Perfectionism can make you a great partner in many ways, but it's also important to note that your perfectionism can put unhealthy expectations or standards on your relationship and your significant other.

If the following perfectionisn strike a nerve for you, it may be a good idea to sit down with your partner and talk through simeone things and aDting how they're feeling. It's possible that you're setting standards too high for yourself, as well as for others. It's totally normal to fantasize and daydream about how things will go, but if you find yourself consistently feeling let down by the reality of your dreamsyou may be setting yourself up for failure. This can be especially damaging if you find yourself disappointed by your significant other: Do you really love them, or did you fall in love with the idea of them?

Are they actually letting you down, or is it possible your expectations are at a place they'll never meet, no matter how hard they try? If you're feeling unsatisfied with your relationship, that's OK! The end result is that a Perfectionist might consider not being prepared for a real relationship. Perfectionists easily spot incompatibility in other couples.

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Each time they do that, they promise themselves not to do such a mistake and get in a relationship just for the sake of being with someone. The fact is that chances are for a couple to end up in perrectionism divorce or to succeed in marriage. So, if by Universe will a Perfectionist will get married and will eventually end in divorce, that will be the ticket to a long depression. They will feel responsible for not making things work. Perfectionists have high standards. In US, the number of single people reached Unfortunately, Perfectionists screw it again because they are trapped in a paradox of choice. There are a lot of online dating platforms, but they fail finding love.

Because they have high standard. Most probably they end up interviewing people instead of enjoying the flow of flirting.

Maybe they watched to many times Before Sunrise, so they plan long distance holidays once in a while. What happens in between? They simply focus on work. Perfectionists are popular on Social Media. Virtual life could be the right place for Perfectionists to show that they are perfect. In fact, this is just an ordinary mission to be accomplished. But this is where you come in as a supportive partner. Show them the positive side of not needing everything to be perfect. For many of us who have dated perfectionists, we tend to do what they want. They need to see that imperfections exist. They need to know who you are!

I know, this sounds weird, but dating a perfectionist is a lot of work. You have to invest heavily in the relationship and them. So, make sure you actually like them. Most of the time, people rarely think about their own personality flaws. There may have been past trauma which placed them in this mindset that they need to control everything. But they have to find this out on their own.

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