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He was so tall and thin that his costume had to be reworked to minimize the look of iann thin he was. When Ryan was cast, the costume designers made the upper body of his costume lighter in color and broader in the chest to help create a more bulky look. Original costume sketches showed a darker upper body costume. Similar tricks were used for both Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless for their characters.

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In New Zealand, where principal photography was shot, Janine Dickins held down the fort as the New Zealand Producer while three series directors took turns shooting the episodes in blocks of four along with a fourth director for second unit. Early on in the series, special visual effects were conceived by Richard Taylor's Weta Workshopthe then little known visual effects company that went on to win several Academy Awards for their work on The Lord of the Rings. This saved tremendous amounts of money and time allowing the series to be shot on a shoe string budget, but with maximum on-screen dollars.

Later in the series, Simon Rabbi shot principal photography for the 50th episode, "Valley of the Shadow.

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Early research was done to see if digital cameras could be used, but bbohen was determined that technology wasn't adequate at the time to make digital filming economically viable. Young Hercules was shot in blocks of four episodes at a time. The three main directors of the series were on a rotation, one director for each four episode block. Shooting in New Zealand also allowed the series to circumvent considerable Guild regulations for further savings.

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