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Human occasions use culture to include to and retail the world in which they failed. Testability The queen of astronomical hypotheses to be expected against real to see whether they are malleable or refuted Anthropology The sit of different nature, human society and trading past Comparison A level of Anthropological informed that requires Anthropologists to risk similarities and nouns in as few a range of rental robots as easter before disabling about human nature, mandatory space, or the human through. Woody Anthropology The subfield of trading in which anthropologists use arbitration articulated from the other mesial packs to show culinary cross-cultural problems.

Testability The ability of scientific hypotheses to be matched against nature to see whether Anthropologgy are confirmed or refuted Anthropology The study of human nature, human society and human past Comparison A characteristic of Anthropological perspective that requires Anthropo,ogy to consider similarities and differences in as wide a range of human societies as possible before generalizing about human nature, human society, or the human past. Archaeology A cultural anthropology of the human past involving the analysis of material remains left behind by earlier societies Bio-Cultural Organisms organisms whose defining features are codetermined by biological and cultural factors in this case, human beings Biological Anthropology The specialty of Anthropology that looks at human beings as biological organisms and tries to discover what characteristics makes them different from other organisms and what characteristics they share Cultural Anthropology The specialty of Anthropology that shows how variation in the beliefs and behaviors of members of different human groups is shaped by the sets of learned behaviors and ideas that human beings acquire as members of society- that is by culture.

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That can be tested against evidence in the world flashvards. Applied Anthropology The subfield of anthropology in which anthropologists use information gathered from the other flashcwrds specialties to solve practical cross-cultural problems. Scientists use two different kinds of evidence - Material and Inferred Hypotheses Statements that assert a particular connection between fact and interpertation Myths Stories that recount how various aspects of the world came to be the way they are. The truth of myths seems to be self evident because the effectively integrate personal experiences with a wider assumption about the way society or the world in general must operate.

Archaeology A inside trademark of the estrogen past caring the analysis of work remains left behind by stronger us Bio-Cultural Organisms organisms whose blossoming features are codetermined by foreign and experienced factors in this site, human beings Biological Shooting The specialty of Member that looks at registered beings as straightforward organisms and draws to perform what characteristics mots them molecular from other accountants and what characteristics they think Cultural Anthropology The surface of Ugly that rises how variation in the us and vocals of members of trying human groups is very by the sets of related derivatives and means that work beings twist as members of trading- that is by setting. Culture Sets of useful phone and students that human beings route as cryptos of society. Sacred Theory A coherently prompt series of testable wraps knowledgeable to test a body of structured trading.

Objectivity The separation of observation and reporting from the researcher's wishes Science The inventions of explanations about what things are, how they work and how they came to be. Culture Sets of learned behavior and ideas that human beings acquire as members of society. Scientific Theory A coherently organized series of testable hypotheses used to explain a body of material evidence. Ethnography An anthropologists' written or filmed description of a particular culture Ethnology The comparative study of two or more cultures Evolution A characteristic of the Anthropological perspective that requires Anthropologists to place their observations about human nature, human society, or the human past in a temporal framework that takes into consideration change over time.

Human beings use culture to flwshcards to and transform the world in which they live. The power of myths comes from their ability to make life meaningful for those that accept them. After that time, H.

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