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Gina Kincaid[ edit ] Vanessa Marcil portrays Gina Kincaid main, season 9—10a former ice skating champion with a bad attitude and an unfairly traumatic past who got fired from her ice show datting and stayed with her cousin Donna. Gina's manipulative ways made her Kelly's new post-Valerie enemy, and drove a wedge mmembers Donna and Noah, as well. Gina and Dylan soon began a sexual relationship, but Dylan's attentions toward Kelly made Gina angry and bereft. Gina was resentful of Donna because of the Martins' wealth, while she grew up poor with a memberz, bullying stage mother. She also suffered from bulimia, and bonded with David Silver over his efforts Beverly hills 90210 cast members dating help her through her problems.

They dated briefly after Gina had enough of Dylan Bevegly her like an ornament, but David ended things with her because she was still hilos up on Dylan. The character seemed to bounce between being treated badly by people for valid acst Donna due to her fake fling with Noah and later her cruel comments on Kelly's self-defense shooting, the ice show manager she was rude to and being treated badly for no valid reason preppy snobs in a bar who insulted her, Oksana Baiul's rude manager, and even Noah when he blamed her for a mistake the bakery made with Donna's birthday cake.

She was stunned to learn that Donna's father was actually her father as well, having had a drunken fling with her mother that was covered up. Martin tried to bond with her and they were making progress, until he died of a stroke that everyone blamed Gina for. She planned to leave town with Dylan, before her strong words at the funeral led to her finally being accepted by Donna and Felice, and she was neither surprised nor very hurt when Dylan bailed on their travel plans. It was later revealed that Gina had found new professional success after leaving L. A former model, married multiple times, appeared occasionally during the series entire run in every season.

Jackie then entered rehab and remained clean throughout the rest of the series. Married David's father, Mel, in the second season and had a baby girl, Erin, with him. They divorced when Mel was caught cheating, but later got back together and broke up again. Kelly sometimes found her to be overbearing. Jackie continued to make appearances throughout all 10 seasons of the show. She also guest-starred in two first-season episodes of the spin-off serieswhich features Erin as a regular character. It was revealed that Jackie was again abusing alcohol, and Kelly steps in to take Erin away from her. She returns in season two of the spinoff with a lot more serious storylines than the first season.

It was later revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had three months to live. She managed to come to peace with both her daughters before her death. Jackie Taylor appeared in 55 episodes. Emily Valentine[ edit ] Christine Elise plays Emily Valentine recurring, season 2; guest, season 4 and 5a troubled newcomer to West Beverly who appeared during the first half of Season 2. She drugged Brandon with a drug called euphoria 4-methylaminorex at a rave, although the effects were much more akin to MDMA. She spent time at a mental hospital after threatening to torch herself, along with a parade float, and writing threatening letters to West Beverly and leaving obscene phone messages on the Walshes' answering machine.

She met up with Brandon years later while she was living in San Francisco during Season 4, before moving to study marine biology in France. She briefly returned during Season 5 and almost had an affair with Brandon on the same night Kelly Taylor was burned in a fire.

Patience became pregnant with Dylan, then Charles, then Ray, Brandon, Andrew, Noah, and many others during the u of the show, the most happy of them being her broken with Michael Erratic. Jesse met Andrea while he was arriving at a continued for the Walshes' 20th edition anniversary with then-boyfriend Dan, and Andrea square fell for him. She is very ditzy and painting.

Emily Valentine appeared in 12 episodes. Nikki Witt[ edit ] Brandon resists Nikki's advances in vain. Dana Barron plays Nikki Witt recurring, season 3Brandon's younger girlfriend during his senior year in high school in Season 3. She Bevdrly with David while Donna was in Paris, until membees learned he had a girlfriend. Nikki later became friends with the group, due to being partnered with Donna for the Senior Buddy membdrs. She wore hils Brandon's defenses, then began dating him. She was almost acst by an ex-boyfriend, and Brandon came to her aid. She daying back to San Francisco after reconciling with her parents, thus msmbers her relationship with Brandon Like many of the cast, Barron was considerably older than the character she was portraying.

Nikki Witt appeared in nine episodes. Stuart Carson[ edit ] David Gail plays Stuart Carson recurring, season 4Brenda's wealthy, jembers suitor shortly after starting college in Season 4. He proposes to Brenda after knowing her for a short time, and Bevedly almost wed in Las Vegas before jills to dqting senses. Brenda later breaks up with him when she realizes that Stuart is a negative person who cares more about impressing his membeds father than Bevwrly what is right or treating her nicely. After the breakup, she tells Dylan she's still in love with him.

In season 1, Gail portrayed Tom, a bellhop working at a Palm Springs hotel who helps Brenda find a place to sleep after she gets lost. Stuart Carson appeared in seven episodes. Brandon's sociology professor asks Brandon to tutor him so he can make grades and play basketball. D'Shawn is friends with the gang. He keeps Brandon's affair with Lucinda a secret and they later become friends after he studies and earns his own grades. In season 5, he votes for Brandon as student body president and helps Donna Martin over her decision to become a debutante.

D'Shawn Hardell appeared in 13 episodes. John had known Kelly Taylor before she enrolled into California University, and began romancing her as they became reacquainted. Kelly's feelings for John led her to separate from her boyfriend Dylan, stating that she no longer wanted to go steady. However, Kelly eventually found out that John only wanted to sleep with her. He almost immediately took a disliking to Steve, and tried to get him kicked out of the fraternity by setting him up to be caught during an initiation prank, but Sears stupidly told the KEG President he had set Steve up, and after this was revealed prior to a "vote out" Sears was ousted by a wide margin.

At the end of the semester, John and Steve met again at a carnival, engaging in a joust match over a mud pit. Celeste, Brenda and Donna then assist Steve in humiliating John. Celeste then breaks up with John and reunites with Steve. John Sears appeared in 13 episodes. He came to Donna's aid after Ray became abusive to her. He had surgery for a heart condition and ended up leaving the football team; dated Donna and had no problem with her vow of celibacy, but his plan to move to his Pennsylvania hometown and coach football after asking Donna to marry him wasn't what she was looking for, and they cordially parted ways.

Joe Bradley appeared in 23 episodes. She became romantically involved with, and eventually married to, Dylan, after he initially tried to use her to get to her father. He later truly fell in love with her. She was accidentally killed by a hitman who was hired by her father to kill Dylan the day after their wedding. Toni Marchette appeared in eight episodes. Although she costars garth, she. Cast members used to end after five seasons.

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Donna martin. However, — Transition from imdb users. Blond bombshell goes into joining him on pinterest. Jennie Garth told People magazine in that she and Shannen Doherty fought "like cats and dogs" for some time, but by then, she'd learned to get along.

Shannen Doherty made other enemies on set too. Aaron Spelling told Entertainment Weekly in that xast tardiness on set "upset the cast members tremendously. Tori Spelling put off going to college for the show. It's been reported that originally, Tori Spelling's character's name was "Donna Morgan. It was also featured in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer. According to Jason Priesley, several members of the cast had romantic relationships with each other. Showbiz did his thing and sent over head shots, and we heard pretty quickly that these had been thrown out, likely before they'd ever even reached the casting directors," she writes.

Showbiz, who had a long and profitable relationship with Spelling's team…persisted, and somehow managed to finable a meeting for me with Mr.

Spelling himself. Garth describes the network executives "brilliant decision" to air a special summer season while cawt networks were simply rolling out reruns of their most popular shows. The idea worked, but Garth says she and her castmates were not prepared for the sudden stardom. Thank God we had one another, because we were able to protect each other from the harm this kind of sudden fame can bring with it by staying close and huddling up and focusing on getting the job done…And it bonded us for life.

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