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There is no scientific evidence that vaginal steaming works. According to Dr.

Considering this, oussy sitz bath or simply soaking in a warm tub might have the same effect. Another view is that the reason for this being promoted is cultural, not physical. All content is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice. Is it safe? An overheated vagina may provide the perfect environment for bacteria that cause yeast infections and other vaginal infections to thrive. Vaginal skin is delicate, sensitive, and easily traumatized. Using it as target practice for a plume of warm steam may cause vaginal burns or scalding. As with most natural remedies, searching the internet for how to do a vaginal steam provides contradictory information.

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This makes you wonder how anyone can recommend it for healing almost all that ails you in the first place. Yarrow Achillea millefolium is claimed to be astringent contract bodily tissuescause "cleansing", and be antibacterial. Of course, given its girlz rather It's very unlikely to, and even if it did, randomly Steaming girls pussy about with one's puussy vaginal flora is unlikely to be of benefit. A woman's vagina naturally maintains its microflora in a near-optimal equilibrium, and actively disturbing that equilibrium is seldom productive and quite possibly unhealthy.

Cleans the vagina[ edit ] Almost all supporters of vagina steaming mention directly or indirectly that vagina steaming "cleans up" down there. Depending on how the woman sits, vagina steaming can either force steam onto the skin of the pelvic region or into the vagina. If vagina steaming gets water into the vagina, then it is effectively a less-intense form of douching — since in both instances, water is forced into the vagina. In fact, the acidic environment of the vagina effectively self-cleans, making douching and vagina steaming unecessary. If, on the other hand, vaginal steam is ineffective in getting steam into the vagina, then there is no benefit other than a wet ass and some wasted time, of course.

The therapeutic effects of thermotherapy and aromatherapy contribute to the effectiveness of this treatment. Steam has very little access to the vagina, let alone the uterus. Your cervix, which is the bottom of the uterus, sits in the top of your vagina and it does have a a tiny hole in which menstrual blood comes out, sperm goes in, and that also dilates during labor to allow a baby to come out. But it is too small for something released into your vagina to get up into your uterus unless there is an apparatus going into your uterus helping its entry or it has natural propellers like sperm. And to quote Dr. Alternatively, supporters claim that herbs enter the bloodstream and flow to the uterus: Since blood flows from the heart to the vagina to the heart, not the uterus, we're not quite sure what mechanism is in play here.

Reduces odor[ edit ] Many supporters of vagina steaming argue that vagina steaming reduces vaginal odor.

Pussy Steaming girls

A low level of vaginal odor is natural, and there's no medically necessary need to mask it. Strong odor may be the result of infection; if so, it is best to see a doctor before douching or vaginally steaming, because hiding the odor makes it harder for the doctor to diagnose the issue. Helps irregular periods[ edit ] Vagina steaming is claimed to cure irregular menstrual periods [5] [15] [7] [18] [8] [17] [58] [13] those which have significantly more or less blood flow, happen significantly more or less often, are accompanied by pain or mental discomfort, or last for a long time. There are many and varied causes for irregular periods, including stress, exercise, changes in weight, changes in diet, illness, changes in routine, birth control pills, uterine fibroids, uterine endometriosis, canceruterine prolapse and many more.

False positives may be common. If somebody starts exercising and thus solves their irregular period and vaginally steams, she may incorrectly think the vagina steaming solved the problem. Claiming to be a panacea is a hallmark of pseudoscience.

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