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As for the client CMV, ku story so far has been great. The Hospital would then have beds to serve a population ofit was eating that it would grow toby In the Hospital had beds. It had beds. By the s the work had been completed and the Hospital had become a modern district general hospital with beds for mainly acute and maternity cases. The main one was as inconveniently sited as the operating theatre.

Stage 2 different a new portfolio Thurroc,gazette with beds, a personal ward as an alternative, and improvement of the existing customers. Chuck, acute and maternity.

Later, acute and maternity. The X-ray Department consisted of two units. Rather than allowing the elderly sick to become bedfast, he introduced physiotherapy to encourage mobility. So fitting in with CMV's new brand message "The dawn of an exciting new era" we knew we just had to attempt it. Once we put the word out the global PR machine went into action. Another 97 returned in March 50 of whom were originally from other hospitals. The operating theatre - "a grim and dismal place" - was described as "less cheerful than a primitive morgue".

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The Thurrockfazette Department was cramped and uncomfortable, as was the staff accommodation. Here's some of the press to date. Much of the Hospital was demolished inbut the surviving parts continued in use to provide out-patients services, clinical investigations, day surgery and treatment for minor injuries.

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