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Southern as Good - Ex a website of life "doing," Amber sets her inspectorates on "looking," making her doctor into a fractal of art. Wish of investors in full story set. In The Legitimate - The former Ms.

Actress Jane Russel in the s helped usher in the current preoccupation with big breasts. It is said director Howard Hughes invented an uplift bra to help emphasize her cleavage. When I first began photographing aesthetically muscular women in the late s there was a general acceptance of their bodies because they were so relatively undeveloped compared to what would happen when more of them were training with weights for longer periods of time. Everybody loves kittens but not everyone likes cat. Powerful and muscular women are a common sexual fantasy. A Tazzie colomb nude of my images have appealed to this type of fetish or fantasy but that kind of appeal was not my primary goal.

Instead, I saw these defined and muscular bodies as pieces of sculpture, such as we saw in ancient Greece or the Tazzie colomb nude of Michelangelo. I also treated their highly defined bodies as Ansel Adams would a dramatic landscape. Not a way women should look, but a way they could look. Featuring bodybuilder Tatianna Butler. Photographs of the Top Female Bodybuilders, published by Artisan. Featured on cover Nikki Fuller. My photos were published in a number of bodybuilding and fitness magazine over the years and in some more general publications in various places around the world. Photographs of the Top Female Bodybuilders Artisan.

In terms of the art market nowadays, the function of fine art photos is to hang on the wall and appreciate in value. Collectors might or might not buy what they really like but they generally do buy Tazzie colomb nude they think are a good investment. Collectors have not always been like this. When Gertrude Stein bought works by Picasso and Matisse the work of these geniuses did not have a lot of commercial value. That came later. The bought what she considered to be great art without regarding it as an investment. Look upon me all he might and despair. A figure in the landscape. Featuring pro bodybuilder Tazzie colomb nude Brezovac. The body as sculpture. In their best shape bodybuilders look like anatomy charts.

Model is bodybuilder Joanne Lee. A dramatic nude set against a dramatic background — the Death Valley dunes. This is a photo in the tradition of Edward Weston. Model is Kerstin Schulze. Women with fit, athletic bodies come in all sizes nowadays. They compete in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, physique and fit bikini. Genetics and intent determine the difference. Model is Angela Mraz. Unfortunately, what most of the fans of my work are interested in buying is a signed 8. The idea of spending hundreds of dollars for a large, fine art print to frame and hang on the wall is outside the spectrum of their normal behavior.

Art experts have said that the value of art is what somebody is willing to pay for it. The real collectors of fine art whose patronage helps to establish an artist in terms of the market, galleries and museums have yet to discover or invest in my work. But I look a the short history of aesthetically muscular females and the huge impact these women have had on the culture as a whole — look at how muscular female athletes have become, how fit models and actresses have become and the fact that all over-forty movie stars seems to have personal trainers — and I am aware of how significant these females have been to our history.

So I think my photographers are not only important to understanding these period but as fine art also continue and extend the long tradition of examinations and depictions of the human body that date back well into pre-history. Death Valley right after a very rare monsoon, with heavy overcast, standing water and flowering plants. The heaviest rain in 17 years. Model is Chris Bongiovanni. Ready to make a sand angel. When shooting BW in very dull light one approach can be to go for very high contrast, making desert sand look more like snow. Model is Michelle Tuggle. One great advantage of having a new kind of body to photograph is that everything you do is essentially new.

Photographers have been shooting the female body, and the female nude, since photography was invented in In that time almost anything that could be done has been done. In addition there is a long history of paintings and sculpture of the female body. So it is difficult for any artist to come up with a new view of a subject that has been treated with such exhaustive thoroughness. Salute to the desert. My approach to shooting nudes in a landscape is to make sure the landscape photo would also be excellent even without the figure in the foreground — unlike fashion images that generally blur out the background. Model is Viviana Soldano.

Nude with rope. Using props allows for more graphic variation. Pink Lingerie - Dina. Pink lingerie. First two sets of five now on site. Red Veil - Is a model without clothes but covered by a transparent red veil actually nude? You be be the judge. Is it hot in the desert? Or is it just Avis! Strings - When is a nude NOT a nude? When parts of the physique is just barely covered by almost nothing strings. From Geek to Gorgeous - Part 1, Michelle studio photos. On the motorcycle she iisn't exactly wearing a bikini. First two of four photo sets on the site. Topless - Diana feature complete. Bustier - Diana on the half shell.

Black Feathers - Tickle your ass with a feather? The final photo set in Shelley's Body Double feature. Two of four photo features now on site. Fur - Warm and fuzzy, and feels nice to the touch. Seeing "Double" - Is that Julia Roberts on the screen? No, it's Shelley Michelle - body double extraordinare. Red Thong - Many thongs to Erinn. Feature complete. Red Bikini - Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny. First two of four features. A Pictorial - Women's physique has a great future behind it. On her muscle looks good! She's Everywhere! First two of four photo sets now on the site. Red and White - Final two pictorials of model and figure competitor Sarah.

Valley - Bilateral girl, lovely knowledge Defective Amazon Photos - The gross set of dollars - published and not implemented, processed to Restless Man for its Intent, issue. Desert Specifics - Broken link reestablished to Rosetta in the odds and execute sector set.

From Size 14 to Fabulous - First two of four pictorials on Sarah, who started training to shape up but ended up on the competitive figure stage. And she makes dressed up look good! But as a 5'11" competitive athlete, why not? Warrior Woman and Bikini Babe. Photo feature complete. Flexxy Dancer - She looks as good whether she's posing or in motion. First two of four photo features. Fit, Fabulous and Forty - Raye shows that she still has what it takes 10 years after her famous Playboy pictorial. First two of three photo sets. White Dress - Tina, we almost didn't recognize you with your clothes on!

Sheer Top - A see-through top and no pants - lots of Tina Jo to enjoy!

The Lady From Coloomb - A gorgeous body, bikinis and a beautiful pool - all the ingredients for a sexy photo shoot. BW Nudes - The art of the muscular female body - Barbara feature is complete. Purple colob Beautiful female muscle and sexy outfits - a great combination. First two sets of the feature now on site. Studio Glamour - Color glamour feature, Maria as you've never seen her. Silver Bikini - Melissa wearing a Tazzis if you could call those little snippets of cloth a bikini! Studio - The first of a three part feature on the sensuous Melissa Nude Figure Studies - Unfortunately for Maria, the quality of her physique is often overlooked.

But these nude studies show how aesthetic her physique really is. Biker Chick - Rebekka showed up at the studio on her way back from the motorcycle races at Laguna Seca Racetrack. She shows her enthusiasm for bikes by modeling biker gear - with a lot of Rebekka showing as well. White Lingerie - Everyone likes muscles on women - providing the women are attractive enough. Like Rebekka. First of three photo layouts. Instead, they should have added one - a "true" lightweight class for competitors like Susanne. Tiger - Meoooow! Dayana photo feature complete.

The Best and sexiest Lightweight - The sensuous Dayana photographed just before her appearance at the Ms. Olympia Topless - Curvaceous Melissa amid the curvaceous Mojave dunes - feature complete. Gold Suit - Awesome desert landscape; no less awesome Melissa. Desert Flower - First two of four photo features of this senuous female bodybuilder Blue Bikini and Blue Suit.

Nude Tazzie colomb

TTazzie Semi-Nude - As much of the incredible Monica as you are likely to see. A bonus addition to the Monica feature. White Shawl - Third and final part nuse the Monica studio feature. A set of Semi-Nudes will be added to another gallery in the near future. Leopard Wrap - Second nyde three features on cloomb lovely Monica. Nude with Rope, Page 2 - Sexy and artistic Dayana feature complete. Tazize with Rope - Is it bondage? Is it phallic? Or just a great prop with which to shoot nudes of a beautiful woman.

You decide. Page 1 of 2. Gangsta Girl - She aint no hollaback girl! Amazon Warrior - Xena, eat your heart out. Red Leather - First of three new studio shoots with the luscious lightweight Ms. A "Super" Model, Indeed - Amber has the kind of long-proportioned, leggy and defined look that the figure judges seem to prefer. And her fans like it to. Green - Third in a series of Mascha pictorials. What gives? And now she's moving into the world of movie stunt work. Corset - Beautiful girl, lovely lingerie White Bikini - A very tiny mico-kini. Lots of Brittany, very little suit!

Leopard Girl - Special photo feature under construction. Muscle Lady In Charge - If your profession is being a professional dominatrix, having a beautiful, muscular body is a definite asset.

By Window Light - Nude color and BW photos of the lovely Ndue illuminated by the soft light spilling through her hotel window. Color and BW, colob and nudes, pics of Rhonda dressing backstage. A banquet of Tazzie colomb nude for Rhonda fans. Nnude if you like sexy pictures. The Physique Erotique - Model, nudr, video director and figure competitor. Sensuous Athlete as Fitness Model - After 12 years of soccer, and meter events in track meets, Liz discovered weight training and has become a sexy fitness model. Above Malibu - Sun, sea, surf and the rugged mountains above Malibu: Olympia Lenda. Amazon Dominatrix - "Lots of men enjoy sexual submission - especially when TTazzie woman is strong and trains with weights.

Studio 2 - Two more photo sets added to the sleek and sexy Gwen's photo feature: Feature Complete - The final two photo pages of the magnificent Marika. Studio Photos - The "Viking Queen" is featured in 2 of 4 new studio photo sets, added to her "Desert Heat" photos already on the site. But her body is a work of art and deserves to be treated as such. White Fur - The final photo page of the lovely, dark-eyed Nicole. Blue Bikini - Third of four photo pages added to the Nicole feature. Two of four photo pages uploaded. A Diva In The Desert - Vilma's magnificent physique showcased against the backdrop of an equally magnificent desert landscape.

Sunset - More photos of Lynn taken in the fabulous landscape of Sedona in the golden light of the late afternoon and setting sun. Nudes - The exotic Columbus figure competitor featured in two pages of sensuous studio nudes added to the Rebecca feature. Studio - This hardbody beauty was born in the US and raised in Italy. Little Sister is Growing Up - If Tanji Johnson's baby sister isn't beautiful and exotic enough for you, maybe you should try another planet. Rebecca Rush - The beautiful figure cometitor from exotic Columbus, Ohio, poses amide the desert landscape outside Las Vegas.

Sedona - Female muscles among the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Two amazing works of nature get together. Ducati - The Italian physique superstar puts another Italian superstar between ler legs. Desert Heat - The "Viking Queen" trades the frozen north for the burning sun of the California desert. Fashion in White and Red - Two sexy glamour and fashion photo sets complete the new Lena photo sessions. Chained Heat - The lovely Lena takes another step along the road to fetish modeling at least, in her imagination in this provocative photo series. BW Nudes - The exotic muscle girl from the islands was in town to compete in figure, and stopped by to do some sexy photos.

Link to download Quicktime included. Studio Nudes - She is an erotic model, makes sexy videos, but first and above all Rhonda Lee is a pro bodybuilder with a striking physique. Mirror,Mirror - Mirror, mirror on the floor, whose got the sexiest physique of all? Color nudes. Lady Marmalade - "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir"? May we see a show of hands? First of several new additions to a Dayana Superfeature.

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