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All the shares fell you to ask a Prezi online and experience it to increasing offline. One of the use ways to retrain your eye is to test in the Prezi Depict tab and see what others have done.

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The available plans are as follows see Figure The Free plan allows you to create and edit prezis online. You get MB of free storage space and you can present a downloaded prezi offline. The Enjoy plan gives you MB of online storage space to use for your prezis. Your prezis remain private unless you make them public. You can share a public or private prezi. Using the Get link or Share downward arrow, you can send an e-mail via Prezi with a link to the prezi. The Pro plan gives you 2,MB of online storage space. With this plan, your prezis remain private unless you make them public. Prezi is becoming hugely popular in the classroom. Teachers want to be able to use the software and have their students use it as well.

Prezi recognized that educators were not able to afford the program for themselves and their students, so Prezi created separate educational plans. Nonprofits that request and qualify for the Edu Enjoy plan may also access the Edu plans. Prezi plans. Technical requirements To use Prezi, your computer must have the following: You must have one of the following operating systems to use Prezi Desktop or Prezi. They are Your Prezis, Learn, and Explore. Before you sign up, the Home tab shows you the features and benefits of Prezi. Getting Started with Prezi 17 The following content is found on each of the tabs see Figure After you sign up, the Home tab becomes the Your Prezis tab, and this is where you access all the prezis you create.

In this tab you see all your prezis laid out for you. You can also sort your prezis by title or by last opened. You can display this sort by all, those owned by you, or those shared with you. There are three columns on this page where all the e-learning content is located. In the first column, you see the Prezi Academy where you can find Basic, Advanced, and Expert lessons. Next you see the Live from Prezi Universe column where you find tips, ideas, and updates from Prezi. The third column is where you find a link to the manual and links to the different Prezi tech support sites.

This area is a great resource. Here you can find all the prezis that have been created by those with Free licenses. You can also find prezis that have been made public for the purpose of sharing them with others. People may also designate their prezis as Reusable so that you can use them as a foundation to build your own prezi. The Explore area is searchable by topic and whether or not it is reusable. Prezi content tabs. Prezi gives you options.

You can tell this sort by all, those discussed by you, or those curious with you. Often are three strategies on this past where all the e-learning flourish is based.

Options can be scary, but only until you try out a few. Then they can be liberating. Comparing Prezi to traditional, slide-based programs is like comparing a large digital whiteboard to a deck of cards. On the whiteboard everything is laid out before you. No content is Pgezi. With the deck of cards you need to go card by card to see the content. Imagine starting a slide presentation with slide number five and then zipping back to one and then Prezk to ten. The audience would be frustrated for two reasons: With Prezi, you avoid eating problem completely.

All your data is available to you on one canvas. If you want to speak about something, you can access your presentation content auddio you would on a whiteboard: You point at it. You just follow the story in a different way. Telling your story Fiction writers have it much easier than business writers when they want to plot a story, or so some people think. They can make up anything they want and let the story take them anywhere they want to go. When it comes to telling a business story, however, there are constraints based on facts, figures, and outcomes. But is this really such a limiting factor? Your job is to tell one that already exists. Your job is different.

You need to take the ideas you want to convey and weave them into a story that people can understand and relate to. This is covered more thoroughly in Chapter 8. Take the following actions as you construct your story: Luckily, you know how it turns out before you begin your presentation so that you can pace it effectively. Even in a business presentation, the hero is still important. You need to make the audience care about the outcome. It does have to resonate with the audience. Every story needs a hook — the thing that makes people sit up and pay attention instead of texting their friends or looking for a great sushi restaurant in the neighborhood.

Prezi gives you the opportunity to create a story line and set a Path to follow. Creating a story line makes your presentation stronger. To do this effectively, you need to think and draw first. For example, your first prezi might include the following planning sequence: Find and assemble the visuals that support your ideas. You determine what visuals you already have, what you need to create, or what you need to purchase.

Figure out how to place these visuals on the digital canvas in a way that provides meaning just by looking at it. Should you use a metaphor? What about using a familiar servkce that relates to the content? Because you want to show ajdio the big rPezi and the details, a random arrangement without Prezi service audio e luci dating will be inefficient. Figure out what order you want the content to be viewed lucci and how to zoom in and out to reach that content. You can see how planning on paper would support this process more easily.

When you get the hang of it, you Pgezi want to work directly online. Establishing a Prezi Mindset Thinking visually When you creating a prezi, you translate some of your ideas and concepts into visuals. There are built-in design tools that Prezi provides to help you break down the text servive more easily digested pieces. Throughout this book, I also talk about how to use visuals that you create with other software programs or find from outside sources. I list the acceptable formats in the next section. The visuals themselves might include the following: You can zoom in, zoom out, and rotate it.

Think about how different this is than just placing a static image on the screen. When you view a slide, you look at it head on. Looking at content in Prezi mimics a natural process. If you want to see it up close, you can click it or create a preset to zoom in on it. This zooming opens up your ability to show things in all sorts of new ways. The perception is that you have actual movement. In addition, when you add timing to the equation, your audience perceives the material as using time and space as part of the show. Getting Started with Prezi 21 Figure A prezi with hand-drawn graphics. Demonstrating movement. Establishing a Prezi Mindset Exploring the big picture and details at the same time One of the best ways to explain the meaning of something is to show how it fits into a larger context.

That concept is known as seeing how a detail fits into the big picture. PGP refers to explaining things by using a Particular point, a General point, and then another Particular point. So, for example, if you were explaining a graphic showing sales figures in Prezi, you would first point to a particular number and speak to it and then pull out to a more general point that shows the greater context. Then you would move back in again and discuss another particular point that enhances the original argument you made. Surprisingly, Prezi is set up to do exactly that with no additional work on your part.

To use the PGP method, you would use Smart Zooming to zoom in to a data point on the Prezi canvas, then zoom out to show the bigger picture, and then zoom back in to enhance that point. If you remember this method when you are planning your prezis, you can make complex ideas seem simpler. Looking at the big picture and the details. Getting Started with Prezi 23 Getting Ready to Present Prezis provide you with a unique opportunity to develop and follow a story line supported by just the right text and images.

E Prezi service dating audio luci

The two auddio are daitng follows: Determine which chunk of information the audience will see each time you advance the screen. Freeform presentations in Serviice foster interaction by allowing the audience dxting steer the conversation. Timing intervals Prfzi to the amount of time that elapses between Path screens when you are using Autoplay. You can choose 4, 10, or 20 seconds. Remember to watch your prezi like an audience member. If the material goes by too fast or too slow, the impact will be lost. This is frustrating for your audience members, who will quickly give up.

Presenting online or offline When you have everything set up, prezis can be presented both online from a browser window or offline from your hard drive, CD, or USB drive. When choosing a method, you need to know the following: All you need to do is log in to your account and play your prezi from there. If you have a Free license, your prezi is published, and the URL is visible. If you have the Enjoy or Pro account, you can present from a private prezi or make your prezi public. The choice is yours. Your main concern when presenting online is always your Internet connection. If you download your prezi to a hard drive or other device like a CD or USB drive, you have more insurance that your prezi will be available when you want it.

You can very easily download your prezi using the online controls. To edit it, you need to edit the online version and redownload it. Working with Collaborators Collaboration on the Internet is critical.

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