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Throughout the grant project, the SSRC is creating opportunities for researchers to reflect, at regular intervals before publication of their research, on the impact and potential effects of their scholarship. In total, we are working with partners to develop, define, and put into practice a new Social Data Research Review Framework for the twenty-first century. For this reason, we award grants to institutions rather than individual researchers. This way, the institutions are also responsible for making sure that the research does no harm.

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Fireplace Tvkeyz updating a

Click Next to proceed. Click Finish to complete the PointCentral Upgrade. Exhaust Fan Gas fireplaces, while easier to use than wood-burning styles, come with maintenance fees and an increase in gas bills. An excellent alternative is to have a high-power z fan installed to aid in proper fireplace ventilation. Here, the professionally installed exhaust fan is controlled by a dial mounted directly to the barn siding facade. Finished Mantel The biggest splurge for the fireplace remodel was its custom-fabricated steel mantel. For a modern look, the mantel was designed "floating style," which refers to its lack of corbels or support brackets to hold it up.

To create the mantel, a five-sided rectangular box measuring 70 inches in width was cut and assembled.

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