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Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology. Performance[ edit ] Pdobe ion volumes were previously limited to several thousand, or tens of thousands of ionic events. These poles and zone-lines, whilst inducing fluctuations in data density in the reconstructed datasets, which can prove problematic during post-analysis, are critical for determining information such as angular magnification, as the crystallographic relationships between features are typically well known.

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This form of data manipulation allows for rapid computer visualisation and analysis, with data presented as point cloud data with additional information, such as each ion's mass to charge as computed from the velocity equation abovevoltage or other auxiliary measured quantity or computation therefrom. Whilst the magnification of both the field ion and atom probe microscopes is extremely high, the exact magnification is dependent upon conditions specific to the examined specimen, so unlike for conventional electron microscopesthere is often little direct control on magnification, and furthermore, obtained images may have strongly variable magnifications due to fluctuations in the shape of the electric field at the surface.

Patent 3, Annual Review of Materials Research. This yields strong spatial distortions in the final image.

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A system for manipulation of samples inside the vacuum, including sample viewing systems. This data can therefore image siets atomically sharp buried interfaces with the associated chemical information. This has arisen as a result of voltage pulsed atom probes providing good chemical and sufficient spatial information in these materials. Such information may not be amenable to analysis by other means e. In more problematic materials, correct reconstruction may not be done, due to limited knowledge of the true magnification; particularly if zone or pole regions cannot be observed.

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