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Information on wedding usual virgin catches made for wealthy vehicle offences is important from technical data collected by the Hospital Office from means jumping. If more than one broad is compatible of on the same day each line will be counted directly.

In the court proceedings statistics, the reference year used is the year in which the person's case is casial of. The age of glasggo person is calculated as the date of sentence or acquittal. Datong is also possible that the offence recorded by the police may be altered as a result of the judicial proceedings, while many offences are dealt with by datin other than prosecution, for example through the use of procurator or police conditional offers of fixed penalty. Children aged under 16 are generally referred to the children's hearings system rather than the courts for their alleged offending.

Statistics of court datinv are therefore not directly comparable with the recorded crime statistics. Figures for custodial sentences in this bulletin will not agree with those published in the statistical bulletin "Prisons Statistics Scotland" because they count sentences of courts while those in the prisons statistical bulletin count receptions to penal establishments. Direct sentenced receptions to penal establishments i. Firstly, in the case of backdated sentences if, after backdating, it is found that the custodial sentence has expired, neither the warrant nor the person sentenced will be taken to prison and thus a reception will not be counted though the sentence will be included in the court statistics.

Secondly, if a person is given one or more custodial sentences on each of 2 separate sets of charges from the same court on the same day, this will be counted as 2 custodial sentences in the court statistics but only one direct sentenced reception. Figures for sentence lengths imposed include any element imposed for bail aggravation under Section 27 1 b of the Criminal Procedure Scotland Actand under Section 16 of the Prisoners and Criminal Proceedings Scotland Act where the offender committed an offence following release from custody and prior to the end of the previous sentence period imposed. Other background notes Most motor vehicle offences are discovered and recorded as a result of police activity rather than by being reported to the police by the public.

Hence the numbers of such offences recorded are mainly determined by the strength and deployment of the police forces. Penalties available to the courts The measures available to a court in sentencing a person with a charge proved depend on whether the accused is an adult 21 or overa young offender aged 16 but less than 21 or a child under 16 or under 18 with a current supervisory requirement from a children's hearing and on whether the court is satisfied on the evidence of 2 medical practitioners that he is suffering from mental disorder.

Custodial sentences a. Imprison the offender adults only or, if the offender has been released from prison on licence following a previous conviction, recall him to prison.

Sentence a young offender to a young offenders institution YOI for a period not greater than that of imprisonment which the court could have imposed on an adult. Sentence a young offender under 18 years of age convicted of murder to detention for an indeterminate period. The effect of these sentences is normally detention or further detention in a young offenders institution. Sentence a child to a specified period of detention in a place and on such conditions as Scottish Ministers may direct. The Crime and Disorder Act introduced provisions to allow courts to impose additional post-release supervision on licence where they consider that any existing supervision after the offender's release from custody would not be enough to protect the public from serious harm from the offender.

These "extended sentences" can be imposed in indictment cases on sex offenders or on violent offenders who would have received a determinate sentence of four years or more. Community sentences f. Impose a probation order with or without various conditions including a requirement to do unpaid work. Impose a community service order on an adult or young offender requiring him to undertake unpaid work. Impose a supervised attendance order as a disposal of first instance for those aged 16 and above and currently being piloted in a small number of courts.

Impose a restriction of liberty order: Impose a drug treatment and testing order: Impose a community reparation order being piloted since April in Dundee, Inverness and Inverclyde l. Impose an criminal antisocial behaviour order Financial penalties m. Fine the offender. Impose a compensation order requiring the offender to compensate the victim of his crime for any resulting injury, loss or damage. Other sentences o. Admonish the offender or make an order to find caution. Remit the disposal of a child to a children's hearing. Make a hospital order if the accused is suffering from mental disorder with no conviction recorded in summary procedure or order the accused to be detained in hospital if he is found to be insane and unfit for trial or insane at the time of the offence.

Make a compulsion order The court can impose more than one penalty in appropriate cases. Equipment used in the commission of a crime or offence may also be forfeited. However, the main additional punishments are generally disqualification from holding or obtaining a driving licence and the endorsement of a driving licence. The main charge in such cases is almost always either a motor vehicle offence or the theft of a motor vehicle. Disqualification from driving necessarily involves endorsement of a driving licence. However, for simplicity of presentation, the figures quoted in the bulletin for endorsement do not include cases where a disqualification also applied.

Revisions to previously published figures Since the last bulletin in this series was published, a number of data quality checks have been made on historic data. In particular, details of High Court cases which were entered too late on to SCRO to be included in the data analysis files covering the period January to December have now been added to the SEJD court proceedings database. Further details of these and other amendments can be obtained from the enquiry point given at the end of this bulletin. This bulletin presents only a selection of the statistics available from the SEJD court proceedings database.

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New analysis of information on offence modifiers e. Further information on this new analysis and on the range of additional analysis available can also be obtained by contacting the enquiry point given at the end of this bulletin. Notation The following symbols datingg used datinng the tables in this bulletin: The percentage figures given cct tables and charts have been independently rounded, so they may not always sum to the relevant sub-totals or totals. Classification of Crimes and Offences Contraventions of the law are divided for statistical purposes into crimes and offences, crimes generally being the more serious.

The classification of crimes and offences used by the Scottish Executive Justice Department for criminal statistics contains over codes. These are grouped in this bulletin as follows. CRIMES Also referred to as Violence Homicide Comprises murder and culpable homicide including the statutory crimes of causing death by dangerous driving or causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs. Serious assault and attempted murder Referred for short in the text as "serious assault". Whatever you're looking for, it's made easy and convenient at Glasgow Sex Site.

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Recorded hereafter 2. And a person is proceeded against for more than one would or offence, only the market hypothesis is starved. One offence claims to "any simulation who miss, resists, whales, molests or damages a constable.

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