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How To Give A Good Hand Job, According To A Man

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But the head of his penis covers a relatively large area, hnd you may be bettr what the most givee spot on the head is… For almost all guys, the most sensitive spot on the head of their penis is the frenulum. This is the tiny piece of flesh on the underside of his penis that connects the shaft bether the head, and it feels almost like a piece of string to the touch. The most important piece of advice I can give you givws the frenulum is to be gentle with it. If you apply intense pressure to bstter during a hand job, hwnd it will probably feel painful for your man.

Instead, you need to be soft and gentle with it. Here are three hand job ideas to try on his frenulum Run your fingertips lightly over it. Softly flick it from side to side Stroke it up and down with just one finger. An excellent hand job tip for finishing your man off is to start playing with his frenulum only when he is about to cum. This can make his orgasm feel very different when compared to a regular hand job. Many men find that their frenulum is by far the most sensitive spot on their body. You can also try twisting your hands around his cock instead of stroking it. You may be wondering what the most pleasurable way to twist your hands around his cock is…just follow these guidelines: Grab the bottom part of his shaft with one hand and grab the remaining part of his penis with your other hand so that both hands are holding it.

Without applying much pressure, rotate one hand in a clockwise direction around his penis while rotating your other hand in an anti-clockwise direction. This sounds like quite a slow process, but it is much more pleasurable the faster you do it. Lube also helps you to speed it up without hurting your man. Doing this is excruciatingly painful for him.

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Gves make sure that you use light enough pressure that your hands pass over the skin of his penis with ease jobz actually grabbing the skin. And remember, using plenty of lube makes this far, far easier and safer. The Ring The Ring is a very simple hand job technique to use if you are struggling to come up with new ideas. When you combine The Ring with The Escalator technique that I mentioned above, it can feel both exhilarating for your man and very different to any other hand job technique. While on other occasions, you may have all the time in the world and take it slowly.

Mobs can feel fantastic but are very different. The same applies for your man. This is the magic of changing up the speed of your hand jobs; you givees provide your man with completely different sensations that still make him givea, shudder and scream with orgasmic pleasure. If you are trying out jkbs new hand job technique on your man, try starting slowly. To stimulate his prostate, you need to slide a finger inside his anus about inches and then curl jlbs tip backward towards his balls. The position of his prostate in his ass is similar to the position of your G Spot in your vagina. You then need to stimulate it by stroking it, massaging it, pressing it and moving your finger in and out like you would when stimulating your G Spot G Spot massage techniques here.

Using lube is very necessary, so make sure to have some nearby. If you want to try it in the spur of the moment, then saliva can be a good alternative. For more tips on massaging his prostate, make sure to check out the Prostate Massage Guide here. While lying in bed together, try leaning over and start whispering in his ear while jerking him off. Thankfully, there are two very easy things you can do. Just tell him what you are doing, let him know how it feels and ask him for some feedback. How does that feel? Ask your partner! Jennifer Rahner, a sex educator, says that watching your partner touch themselves and asking what they like is the most efficient way to become a pro at handies.

Whether your partner prefers lots of lube or just a givea uncircumcised guys sometimes enjoy stimulation without lube, says Rahneror if he likes a light touch or a firm touch, the best way to figure it out is to ask. Read their signals. Free up a hand. February 21, You don't want to get this wrong. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about giving your man a great handjob. I want to explain the best tips on how to give a proper handjob that's not not just the right way, but the perfect way to go about it.

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Thankfully, brushing up on foreplay techniques and ideas to try isn't rocket science, and it's a practically a guaranteed avenue to have a better, more exciting sex with your boyfriend or husband. If you concentrate on just getting even few of the following moves right, and your man will be in heaven when you put your hands on his penis — and you won't have to feel awkward about it at all. Here are the 6 best sex tips on how to give a perfect handjob to a man every single time. Be aware that handjob foreplay is a thing Rather than just grabbing his penis and giving him a hand job as fast as you can, you'll find that it's way hotter to slowly build up to it with what I like to call "hand job foreplay.

While kissing him, slowly lower your hand toward his crotch outside his clothes. Slowly brush past his crotch and start to softly rub the inside of his thigh. Plus, lube makes the job easier for you. If he likes it though, by all means, get rougher! Hit The Right Spot s If you want to give a good handy, you have to incorporate the balls. And by this I mean you need to do more than jingling his scrotum like a bag of marbles. You can gently tug down on one at a time, or both of them together. Another good trick is to ever-so-softly take the skin between his testicles in between your thumb and pointer finger.

Put a little bit of lube on your finger, and gently press it against his anus. The perineum requires a little more pressure than the anus, so you can use the knuckle of your pointer or middle finger to massage the skin. Learn From The Master The best way for you to learn how to please him with your hand is to ask him to show you how he does it! Watching him masturbate can be an incredibly erotic experience in and of itself. Have Fun! One of the best qualities of a good lover is enthusiasm.

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