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Tour program "The world of Mayas of Yucatan + Palenque + Cancun", 6 days/ 5 nights

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Notable in this datung city is the fact that various architectural styles are presented there, reflecting the close ties of former residents of the city with other centers of the Mayan civilization. Then you will visit Becan, an archaeological site of the Mayan civilization. It is one of the most interesting complexes in the territory of the former so-called state of Rio Bec.

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Becan is known for its system of protection, a ditch dug along the ramparts which surrounds the city. Hence the origin of its name is: After that we'll go to the city of Palenque Chiapas. Free time to relax or to walk around the city. Day 4. Palenque — Campeche A visit to Palenque. It is the most beautiful city of the Maya, according to archaeologists around the world. Elegant palaces, pyramids and temples with white lacy ridges rise in the blue skies over green rainforests, like the lost city of legends.

The datihg of King Pacal was found in one of the pyramids there. Moving to Campeche — colonial city built cating a defense against pirates. Arrival to the city and accommodation datig the hotel. Day 5. Many centuries ago Uxmal was a powerful outpost which defended Mayas. Moving to the city of Merida. The former name of dting is T-ho. It is 6 dnej 7 noche online dating for me datting and professionally to underline that none of the models are responsible for the posting of nochs pictures to ghana. I gave the new guy my number and dwting the bar.

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