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Sears (Royal) Typewriter Serial Numbers

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I'm still trying to identify exactly what this machine was. A variation, the Signet Senior, typed in standard upper- and roayl, and came in black. It was apparently manufactured simultaneously with the caps-only Signet, leaving it unclear as to whether the two have unique serial number sequences or are intermixed. There are a few variations among Seniors: Early Seniors have a single shift key, on the left, and a metal tab for a shiftlock.

tgpewriter Later, tyewriter second shift key was added to the right side, and eventually the shiftlock was upgraded from a tab to a proper key. The Signet is certainly radically different from all other Royal typewriters, except for its direct descendents shown below. It's so different that some people suspect that it was not designed by Royal at all. Lending substance to this theory is the fact that no Royal design patent exists for the Signet.

The safest way to use these is to modify them up in an inverted typewriger directory or by structural number. Litton would hold the name of Unsecured McBee back to Good Typewriter and volume the company into five years: The matter Fussy typewriter was well followed by two targeted seminars, the Royal 5 day and the Foreign 10 trading, which are the most common.

I have found design patents for every other model, including the Junior and one model that was never made, but not for the Signet. There is one patent for an early concept of Royal's first portable: The " R" in the Royal name has a long flourish on the right side that wraps underneath the word and stops under the first leg of the "A. Look for a typewriter that has gold lettering on it, found on the Royal 1 model, or silver lettering found on the Royal 10 model. All of the lettering on the early Royal machines, including the patent information, is in either the gold or silver color.

Later models of Royals changed on an almost yearly basis and there is no consistency among colors used. Look for typewriters that have a entirely black body, with the exception of the lettering. All Royal typewriters prior to had a black body. The one exception is the Royal Quiet De Luxe Gold model, which had shiny gold plating on the sides, with the rest of the body being black. Afterthe body color changed frequently and may be either brown, blue, gray or olive green. Original models had two beveled glass panes on each side. In Royal introduced the "Roytype" brand name for its line of typewriter ribbons and carbon paper.

Royal entered the portable typewriter market in - years behind its competitors such as TypewrterLC Smith Coronaand Remington. In order to promote the new portable Royal president G. Royal's introduction of its portable line of typewriters was an immediate success and launched the company to become the world's 1 selling typewriter brand. On October 9,the " Hartford Daily Courant " reported that Royal had just produced its one millionth typewriter. To promote the ruggedness of its typewriters, George Edward Smith, president of Royal, bought a Ford-Stout tri-motor airplane in August This plane, commonly called the Royal Airtruck, dropped over typewriters in crates with parachutes to dealers over the eastern seaboard of the USA on its maiden flight.

Royal eventually delivered over 11, typewriters this way with only ten being damaged.

Royal typewriter a Dating

In JanuaryEdward B. Hess, one of Royal's founders and vice presidents, died in Orlando, Florida. Hess was a prolific inventor and held over patents relating to the typewriter. World War II brought tremendous change to Royal. In order to aid the war effort, Royal converted its manufacturing to war work exclusively. Royal manufactured machine guns, rifles, bullets, propellers, and spare parts for airplane engines.

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