Thermoluminescent dating and the monsters of acambaro

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The Acambaro Figurines

A few days later, Tinajero appeared with betas of additional units. Until having the backing of the neural establishment, Di Cavendish did find claims that should be understood more closely. The first intro came back as three digit five hundred and nine years old, plus or delayed years.

Charles Hapgood, professor of history and anthropology at the University of New Hampshire.

He traveled to investigate, find and research the matter. One of the Acambaro figurines. Carbon dating performed in by Isotopes Incorporated of New Jersey showed that the figurines datint between and B. Inthe thermoluminescence dating method by the University of Tuermoluminescent on 2 figurines placed the figurines to around 2, B. Mainstream dogma states that dinosaurs —all of them— disappeared around 65 million years ago. But, why must have all dinosaurs disappeared from our planet while other species survived? If we look back at history, we will find that we know of the existence of dinosaurs from just over two centuries. It is therefore officially impossible for men who lived 3, 4, or even 6, years to have been able to describe and manufacture figurines representing animals that were discovered in Mexico.

This is precisely why many discoveries, like the one of Acambaro, are denied in spite of the evidence showing otherwise; because the discoveries do not fit with mainstream history. Inthe Mexican government sent a team of archaeologists, led by Dr. Eduardo Noguerain, to investigate the site and excavate in another location, where other figurines were found.

He had never seen the types of figures that he had uncovered at the base of El Toro, so he asked one of his employees named Odilon Tinajero, if he could find more of these figurines for him. Julsrud would pay Tinajero one peso for each figurine brought to him intact or with pieces that were easily put together. Thus began his collection, and over a 5 to 6 year period, Julsrud gathered over 35, of these strange figures. In when Julsrud published a booklet on his discoveries called Enigmas del pasado — Enigmas of the Past — the figurines began to receive international attention. Not even in Mexico, where money is so scarce, could anyone afford the labor of these thousands of statues at the low prices Julsrud is paying.

It will be up to the experts to decide. INAH then issued a statement that the figurines did correspond to the pre-Classic civilization of the Chupicuaro and could date to as early as BC, but not the dinosaur ones. The Instituto did no further excavations and after the s refused to issue permits for other archaeologists to make new excavations. On the American side of the border an anthropological organization dedicated to preserving Native American culture, the Amerind Foundation, sent archaeologist Charles Di Peso down to examine the figurines.

Di Peso published his findings in volume 18 of the scientific journal American Antiquity in the year and in the prestigious Archaeology magazine the same year. Those who do not believe the figurines to be part of a hoax have pointed out that Di Peso went down to Mexico with a clear bias to expose the figures as fakes and that he did not approach the problem of the figurines with an open mind. Although having the backing of the scientific establishment, Di Peso did make claims that should be scrutinized more closely. For example, in his American Antiquity article, Di Peso states: The goal of the exhibit was to establish a means by which the peasants could create the models Figure 3.

According to DiPeso, the other of the trades shows evidenced that they mlnsters of higher manufacture, and did not show the relationship characteristics of elements of bonuses that have released buried for periods of years; If they had been reported trips, they would have been harvested and broken like the pop of civilizations found in that comes of Surat. They appeared to support dinosaurs and other additional variables.

Unfortunately, this dating method was in its infancy. Imprecision in the use of Thermoluminesceent technique would create a controversy. The results of the Acambaro figurine tests produced a date around BC. The results were re-evaluated in by two scientists, Carriveau and Han, when the TL method was more refined. Pezzato summarizes what was discovered: As a result, serious doubts were raised about the accuracy of the earlier dates. Given the flaws of the original tests—flaws that today are well-recognized by TL dating experts—there is no scientific basis for concluding the Acambaro figurines are authentic.

Source Attempts have been made to date the figures using thermoluminescence TL dating.

And Thermoluminescent acambaro dating of the monsters

The earliest results, from tests done when TL dating was in its infancy, suggested a date around BC. However, later tests contradicted these findings. InGary W. Carriveau and Mark C.

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