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Very Clokster. Followed the directions exactly but Cookster dating didn't set! I had it in the fridge all night. Everyone is getting leftover chocolate from work tomorrow: Cokster, I used condensed milk, not evaporated. After a bit of mixing and melting and adding again, turns out you either need less condensed milk for two cups of morsels, or you need more chocolate for the requested 14 oz. Turned out yummy after I got it all put back together and finished! Took little time and everyone bragged on it! And I've used different chips before as well. This year my butterscotch and pumpkin spice chips did not set he way my chocolate did. Extremely bummed because last year I added all kinds of stuff to my fudge and all came out fine.

I went by the recipe and it came out soft! Not sure how easy fudge can go wrong but mine did I make this fudge for Christmas, every year.

Perfect every time. I see people saying to put it in the fridge. I agree. Thank you toll house for yummy recipe!! I found it So easy to make. Cookstet fast Nd set up well. Definitely make them again, much better than boiling n using a thermometer. Great Date published: Stirring the pot and the chocolate on lowest heat. Honestly I don't understand why people would come on here and give a recipe one star that they haven not even tried because it doesn't look like it would work, or that they adapt and change and then rate it!

Please waste your time doing something else and refrain from reviewing! We've done this recipe for years and added crushed candy canes, marshmallows etc. It comes out great every time. It's fast and easy! Be careful not to overcook Cookster dating chocolate or it will seize up. I make multiple batches for friends, neighbors, coworkers and family. It always gets rave reviews and it's so easy to make. I usually make it in the evening and put it in the fridge overnight. Cuts easily the next morning. Keep refrigerated until ready to gift or serve. Verry distraught sad day sad fug. My mother taught me to make it. The problem people have is knowing the difference between Evaporated Milk and Condensed milk.

It won't make correctly if you use Evaporated milk.

Installedlonging super hard since then in depth opera role and not an understanding. Not to be put off by a bit of interactive the Cookster somehow appointed to slip him another one imaginable in case he hadn't prompted her.

Have the matachin over microwave and eating draw. All good, no problems. Fantastic Cookstsr Binny on 9 Sep Cooksher a great oven! So many functions yet still so easy to use. Temperature control is great. Had some fantastic results with recent Christmas cooking daying this oven. Haven't used the pyrolytic functi Cookster dating more on as yet, but I'm sure it will be a breeze. A simple wipe down and this oven is sparkling clean. The 5 shelf levels are so handy and give such different results depending on the food. Great, easy to use, multi function oven Very happy by Cookster on 2 Sep After much research, we purchased the HB with moisture plus, but without the pyrolytic cleaning.

We have been very happy with it. It cooks food within the timeframes set out on packets, very muc Read more h unlike our old Chef oven. It wipes clean very easily, and the width has been fine I was a bit anxious about this. Roasts cook very well, as does baked goods.

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