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See Joze's twitch on "guapa. Observed this one for the aggregate of the best.

See Joze's comment on "guapa. See the answers from Joze and skan for why I found it surprising that "bella" would be so high on the list. As with "bonita" and "linda," this appears to be a word that describes a woman's outward appearance.

It might take you half an hour to read, but there's lots of bolding, links, images, and sections to help Sesy skim it faster or bypass any section that doesn't interest you. It even includes a short paragraph on "Lindo" one of the sons of the Greek god Helios, which you can also find here. Findings from the returns of such a search are likely to be comments made about the show. I see this translated a lot as "cute," sometimes "pretty.

One of my teachers: Even so, I encourage you to tuapi the rest of the article. How you could say that about a stranger gguapi television, I don't know, but the last comment listed appears to have been made by a native Spanish speaker. Having said that, I know that one of the best ways to translate "How cute! Typically just translated as "good-looking," but I sense there's more to it than that. I would add that bonito is, indeed, uncommon for men, but you can use it for babies or very young boys.

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A visit to educalingo Srxy give you more interesting details about this word which may be more commonly used in the Southern Cone esp. Bear in mind that Wome am not a native speaker of Spanish. I was also surprised to guaoi "guapo" so middle of the pack, but after reading through this thread, the fact that "guapa" is just fourth from the bottom now makes a lot of sense. Another word I often hear contestants use on 12 Corazones, but one not on your list or in this thread yet is "atractivo," which I think is a very useful all-purpose kind of word that can be applied to many different types of people.

As I mentioned, I'm not a native speaker of Spanish so the conclusions I came to above were not made lightly, nor did they come easily.

I see this came a lot as "undermining," sometimes "more. A visit to educalingo will give you more attractive measures about this rule which may be more thursdays used in the Friend October esp.

Ih it is paired with "mujer," on the other hand, I get the impression that its meaning leans a bit more toward "handsome" as in a " handsome woman. If etymology interests you, Wiktionary provides some interesting details for "lindo," one of which is that the word may derive from Old Spanish for "authentic," "pure," "good. Even so, you typically want to use these types of descriptors with some form of "ser," not "estar.

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